When the new 2019 Dodge Ram first hit the streets this year it took the truck world by storm! The new Ram is not only one of the best-looking trucks on the market, but it also is one of the most dependable. If you are looking for a durable truck that can hang with the best of them, the all-new Ram is for you. Buy new truck bumpers from BumperStock to extend durability and capability.

Dodge has put a lot of new features in the 2019 Ram. For example, the new Ram 1500 is capable of hauling a payload of 2,300 pounds! Its much larger brother the Ram 3500 can carry up to 7,680 pounds of payload. All this was made possible by the newly designed truck frame.

If you have fallen in love with the Dodge Ram and you have purchased one already, you should consider purchasing aftermarket truck bumpers to protect your investment. Below we have compiled a list of the top five bumper manufactures for your new Dodge Ram. Check them out!


When it comes to strength Steelcraft truck bumpers are some of the strongest around. This aftermarket bumper maker has been serving truck owners for many years. Steelcraft builds their bumpers to last and constructs them out of schedule 40 piping and durable diamond steel plating. This gives them the strength needed to hold up against anything that comes at them.

Mike York purchased: Steelcraft Elevation Series Bullnose Front Bumper

“After I got my new Dodge Ram 3500 home I wanted something to help protect my family while out on the road. After researching Steelcraft bumpers, I made a wise decision to purchase one. Now I feel safe even in the worst driving conditions!”


Another super strong aftermarket bumper is Hammerhead series bumpers. Hammerhead, just like Steelcraft and others on this list has been making high-quality aftermarket truck bumpers for years. Hammerhead bumpers are highly versatile and they come with a lot of options. For example, some of their truck bumpers come lightbar ready. Mounting a lightbar on aftermarket truck bumpers has never been easier.

Jason Brother purchased: Hammerhead Bull Bar

“I was in the market for a new bumper for my Dodge Ram 1500. Since it was a brand new truck I was hesitant to make any changes. But after I learned more about Hammerhead bumpers I was sold! Now my truck looks great and I am protected at the same time.”

Iron Cross

Iron Cross is an America made company that invests in our nation. Not only is every product they sell made right here in the US they also help provide jobs for skilled craftsmen in their local area. Iron Cross has a large selection of aftermarket bumpers to choose from, so finding one that is right for your needs is easy! Some of their most popular bumpers include the New Hardline front bumper series.

Dave Anderson purchased: Iron Cross Ram 2500 Base Front Bumper with Grill Guard

“As a farmer, I am always going places that are off the beaten path. My fields are deep in the backwoods and I am always bumping into tree limbs. When I purchased my new truck I was determined to keep it in one piece. This is the reason I picked an Iron Cross bumper to protect my new investment.”

Ranch Hand

If you are looking for one of the best aftermarket truck bumper companies then look no further than Ranch Hand. This company has been producing top-of-the-line bumpers for decades! Each bumper that they produce is made out of heavy-duty steel which makes them work-ready. Designed for the working man or woman Ranch Hand bumpers can take a lot of abuse without slowing you down! Ranch Hand has several different bumper series including the popular Legend Series.

Shane Stevens purchased: Ranch Hand Summit Series Front Bumper With Grille Guard

“Last month I got my new Dodge Ram that I had been wanting for many months. After saving up for a down payment I signed the papers and it was mine! I had a little extra money over and decided I wanted an aftermarket bumper to make my truck stand out from the rest. What I didn't realize is just how strong these bumpers are. After accidentally hitting a small tree on my property not only was my truck fine, so was my new bumper!”

American Built

Last but not least we have American Built Truck Equipment. This company was established in the heart of Texas back in 2010. Since then they have been expanding their product line and making so of the best aftermarket truck bumpers the world has seen! Just like many of the rest of the companies on this list, American Built Truck Equipment employs hardworking Americans and never outsources its products. One of their best and most popular series bumper is the Cowboy. Each Cowboy replacement bumper is designed to be lightweight but strong enough to take a licking and keep on going!

Steve Rodgers purchased: American Built Panther Front Bumper

“I love products that are made in America and when I got my Dodge Ram I wanted to outfit it with the best aftermarket bumper. After shopping around I was pleased to find that all of American Built Truck Equipment bumpers are made right here in the land of the free. Now my truck looks great and I am helping support our great nation at the same time!”

Now that you know more about some of the best aftermarket truck bumpers for the new Dodge Ram, why not get yourself one? While these are not the only products BumperStock carries, they are hands down some of the best for Ram 1500s. Check out what we have to offer We will provide you with the best price to save you money. Our goal is to bring you high-quality bumpers for a fraction of the price as the other guys!

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