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Whether it be on the pitted roads or smooth rides, the modernly sleek design of Hammerhead bumpers surely takes everyone's eyes arrested. It gives accent and adds great impression to your mien.

Custom made brackets for your Hammerhead bumper that would not result in twisting when you do sideload motions. These truck bumpers bolt directly to a vehicle’s frame. No cutting, welding or drilling required. With an option to have an auxiliary protection, it may be a pre-runner guard or a full grille guard. Undeniably, the product itself already presents durability.

Welded by personnel with AWS D1.1 welding certification, ensuring your bumper is built to last and its bumpers are made in the US and by American craftsmen that would produce superior quality all the time.

Though Hammerhead doesn't carry big stocks since all bumpers are custom made for every client but it is and will be an unwavering great business deal! It's always meant for the spotlight and unbeatable high sales in the market. It may take 2-3 weeks for the process, but hey, aren't ultimate Hammerhead Bumpers worth the wait?

Here at BumperStock - you are not just selecting great choices for your truck, it also comes with free gifts and cash discounts along with your purchased desired products. Free and Fast shipping as always!

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Rigid Industries 202113 3'' D-Series Flood Fog Light (1 Pair)

Bumpersock.com is 5 star customer service. Bumper itself is nice....

However, the bodyshop noticed a nail in the pallet had been riding across the bumper, so it had a large gouge in it. There were 2 other scuff marks as well that he documented for me. That was probably from the shipper. All and all, it was a very good experience. Iron Cross should have a little more attention to detail when placing product on the pallet. The shipping is my only issue. I'd give 4.5 overall.

Rear bumper

Arrived quickly and well packed in the box. Will follow up after install.

Deer catcher bumper

Don't have the bumper mounted yet, but looking forward to getting it on

Customer Care 😃

Hands down some of the best Customer Care that I have ever had. The Shipper in my location lost my Bumper, Haha have too laugh how you lose something that size is beyond me ( and I thought losing my car keys was a big deal ) anyway as sone as I made BumperStock aware of what happened they went into action to fine my bumper and get it delivered to me ASAP. But it has truly been lost so they have another bumper on its way. Great Job BumperStock 4x4 stars Thanks BumperStock your the best!!! Shawn G.