2020 Top Bumpers for Your Ford Super Duty

March 24, 2020 4 min read

If you prefer the look of a big, beastly pickup that has the bite to match the bark, you need to invest in a top bumper.

Heavy-duty bumpers are designed for performance and have an aggressive look to them that lets others on-road (and off-road) know your truck gets the job done.

For those lucky enough to own a Ford Super Duty, finding the right bumper to protect that workhorse can be a difficult task. There are so many choices in the market, and you may be confused over making a buying decision. Sure, have dozens of options is great, but you can only install two on your truck.

Refining the options for your Ford Super Duty, we have selected the top four bumper brands that offer the ultimate combination of strength and aesthetic appeal.

1. Steelcraft


  • Series: Elevation, HD, Fortis
  • Bumper options: Full grille guard, pre-runner guard, no guard
  • Comes as: Winch ready and non-winch
Warranty: 2 years for all heavy-duty makes

Being in the aftermarket truck bumper industry since the 90s, Steelcraft always strives to offer something unique. Their HD and Fortis bumpers for Ford Super Duty are carefully designed with the truck in mind. Once you bolt one of Steelcraft’s bumpers on your pickup, you’ll feel like both the appearance and quality are increased manifolds. You could go compete in a best-looking bumper competition and come back with a trophy.

The bumpers are also easy to install, and many of them are powder coated and E-coated to achieve a semi-glossed finished. No rust will get close to spoiling your baby’s looks, thanks to the coatings that keep the truck resistant for many on and off-road trips. Plus, the company’s decision to use schedule 40 pipe & strong diamond plate (for rear bumpers) and 6ga steel (for front bumpers) will help protect you and your pickup.

Steelcraft had its humble beginnings in the heart of Southern California. For more than 2 decades (and counting), they’ve been making high-quality bumpers that are above market standards.




  • Series: Low Profile, X-Series, Pre-Runner Guard
  • Bumper options: Full grille guard, pre-runner guard, no guard
  • Comes as: Winch ready and non-winch
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on all Hammerhead bumpers

Hammerhead doesn’t keep a large inventory of truck bumpers on hand and for a genuine reason. Each of the company’s bumper is custom made for the customer’s vehicle, removing the need for cutting, drilling, or welding. This means you’ll receive a bumper that will perfectly fit your Ford Super Duty every time.

If you are looking for a sleeker appearance, then you’ll love Hammerhead’s Low Profile series. The 2-stage powder-coated bumpers in this series are designed to perfectly complement the already badass appearance of your pickup. However, you can always opt for the X-S series if you prefer versatility and strength over appearance. X-S bumpers too come with a 2-stage black powder coated finish on a 3/16 inch plate steel, which ensures the truck can take a licking and run on a variety of terrains. 

What’s best about Hammerhead is that all of its products are made in America, which makes them a perfect choice for patriotic Ford Super Duty owners.


Ranch Hand


  • Series: Legend, Summit, Sport, Midnight series
  • Bumper options: Full grille guard, pre-runner guard, no guard
  • Comes as: Winch ready and non-winch
  • Warranty: 12-month warranty on all Ranch Hand items

Another native American company that puts a lot of thought and effort into its bumpers goes by the name Ranch Hand. With diamond plate material, Ranch Hand bumpers ensure you feel as secure as a JTLV in a battleground. However, Ranch Hand bumpers never add bulk to the customer’s vehicle, which means you can drive on or off-road with heavy loads and still feel light.

The company has a good range of aftermarket bumpers. Its Summit Series bumpers work well with Ford Super Duty pickups because of their low weight and diamond plate steel frame that is sure to protect the truck. Another option is the Ranch Hand Sport Seriesthat is made for pickup owners who love driving off the beaten path. It can also accommodate a winch of up to 16,500 pounds, which is excellent for pulling yourself and others out of risks.

Ranch Hand supports the local economy, which is one additional reason to consider its bumpers. The South Texas company also possesses a 30-year experience in manufacturing aftermarket bumpers for pickups of various brands and sizes.


Iron Cross


  • Series: Low Profile Series, Hardline Series, Push Bar Series, Grille Guard Series
  • Bumper options: Full grille guard, pre-runner guard, no guard, low profile
  • Comes as: Winch ready and non-winch
  • Warranty: Shipped with the bumper

If you bolt an Iron Cross bumper on your Ford Super Duty, you can be 100% sure that your pickup is protected. The manufacturer takes the safety of its customers very seriously, conveying its mission to provide top-of-the-line protection via workmanship and the company’s Maltese Cross-inspired logo.

One of Iron Cross’s new bumper series is the Hardline front and back bumper. Iron Cross Hardline bumpersare not only durable, but they come with a variety of options. For example, you can opt for a matte black finish featuring flat plates in black and choose from several light options. Those who want to keep it low profile can opt for the company’s low key bumpers. Many of Iron Cross’s bumpers feature a matte finish, but you’ll find options with black powder gloss (plus, it’s also possible to get the bumper raw).

Iron Cross is also an American company based in Tulsa-Oklahoma. It’s been making high-quality aftermarket bumpers for more than 30 years. If you’re looking for a company that adds a personal touch to each bumper, Iron Cross won’t disappoint.


The Best Ford Super Duty Bumpers at BumperStock

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