Hammerhead Bumpers

In 2008, a few employees of the Hol-Mac corporation got together and decided to put their passion for off-roading with the quality steel produced by Hol-Mac. What came out was the Hammerhead brand.  As the company grew, the name Hammerhead started making some noise in the truck community. Nowadays, Hammerhead is known for making some of the most durable bumpers for trucks.

Good things don’t come fast. By making each bumper to order, Hammerhead makes sure that each product’s quality and strength is impeccable. Trust us when we say the wait is worth it.  Why choose Hammerhead

In today's world of mass manufacturing and low quality, the Bay Springs, Mississippi company likes to do things the old fashioned way. Each bumper is hand-welded by AWS D1.1 certified welders to great a high standard. 

No matter what your style or intended use is, the wide selection of Hammerhead bumper at BumperStock has you covered. From a full grille guard to full grill guard to low profile designs, there is a bumper out there for your truck. 

No matter if you have a Dodge, Ford, Chevy, etc., one thing is sure. You will always get the same quality bumper. The Hammerhead puts extra time and effort into building each bumper so that every customer leaves happy. 

Available Series

X-series bumpers (full grille guard)

This is the mack daddy of all Hammerhead bumpers. If you want protection and an intimidating style, look no further. Everything from the build to the size screams Hammerhead quality.

Bumpers with Pre-guard

Specifically designed to take on any terrain, on or off-road. The pre-runner style looks mean and is ready for your preferred accessories, including lightbars, winches, and so on. Bumpers without pre-guard

A simple, yet functional design. The engineers at Hammerhead built this line of bumpers to be ready for your favorite winch. They are made from 3/16” durable plate steel and have an extra-strong, 2-stage powder coat that will last for years to come.

Bumpers with formed guard

There is no doubt that brush guards can look ugly if done wrong. The one fact  no one can deny is that they have a tough job. Luckily, the Hammerhead has figured out how to mesh style and functionality into a perfect package just waiting to be put on your truck.

Low profile bumpers

Just because it has a slimmer profile, doesn’t mean it is any less durable. Hammerhead built the low profile bumpers for those who want a more stock look, allowing them to fly under the radar.

Why choose Hammerhead? 

Each bumper is custom made and will fit your vehicle perfect every time. Yes, waiting a few weeks is a long time, but you can’t rush perfection. This waiting period makes sure that the bumper will mount directly to your frame without the need for additional fabrication.  Hol-Mac is known as a leader in quality steel. This is why the former Hol-Mac employees chose it, and not just because they worked there in the past. Sure, they could have used lower quality steel, and initially, nobody would have noticed, but they want their bumpers to last, not like some of the competition.

Having the best craftsmen in the industry makes a huge difference in the overall quality. Everyone can be a welder, but not everyone has the AWS D1.1 welding certification. This is just another detail that puts Hammerhead ahead of most companies in the aftermarket truck bumper industry.


Hammerhead bumpers have become synonymous with quality bumpers. We, here at BumperStock are proud to offer a variety of Bumpers that will accommodate everyone's lifestyle. Whether you like to keep a low profile, or need something that will provide unparalleled protection, we have you covered. 

The staff at BumperStock is standing by and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Be sure to give us a call or drop us a message today and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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Giving them a 5 start rating because of how fast they responded to my order and also when I wanted to make a change to my order; there was no problem and fixed it easy! Amazing customer service

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Steelcraft poor craftsmanship.

I ordered steelcraft evolution front and rear bumpers. The rear bumper fit fine the front bumper is off 3/4" off poor quality control. Never again!