Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers

The aftermarket bumper market can be tough to make it in. With so many competitors, running a successful truck accessory business is not easy.

Luckily, the owner and founder of Fab Fours, Greg Higgs, has managed not only to enter this market, but in a few short years has brought the company into the mainstream with bumpers such as ones in the Fab Fours Matrix collection.

It's not hard to see why Fab Fours has been around since 2008. The bumpers have such a unique style, they are like nothing else currently available.

Thanks to builds like “The Legend” and “Krypton”, Fab Fours has forever cemented their name in the aftermarket truck bumper world.

Why go with this Fab Fours Matrix bumper?

Simply building a good looking bumper won’t get you far. It must be made to last. Quality is not something to be overlooked, and that is ingrained in everyone’s mind who works at Fab Fours.

The fact that every bumper is made right here in the USA allows the company to carefully control every aspect of the build. With so many companies outsourcing jobs, it is a breath of fresh air knowing that the company prides itself on contributing to the local economy.

One glance at any bumper from the Fab Fours Matrix lineup and you will immediately know who made it. The company is known for making some of the most extreme and bad-ass bumpers out there.

Available styles

The Fab Fours Matrix collection has something for everyone's taste. No matter if you have the protection of a grill guard or something on the lighter side, they got you covered.

Extreme functionality and good looks are seamlessly molded together. Each bumper comes ready for you to install your favorite winch and lightbar.

For optimal ground clearance, Fab Fours Matrix bumpers slope up and are made to fit as tight as possible to the body. These little differences will make a huge difference out on the trails.

Overall, the style is uniquely Fab Fours, but with added functionality. No matter if your truck is used for work or play, the Fab Fours Matrix series has features that will be useful for both crowds.

What makes Fab Fours Matrix Series stand out?

Using 3D design software technology is one of the reasons why Fab Fours Matrix lineup has succeeded in this game. Nowadays, you have to be constantly innovative if you want to stay on top.

On top of that, every aspect of production is done right here in the US, allowing for quality that is second to none. You can rest assured that by buying a Fab Fours Matrix bumper, you will be supporting the local economy.

3/16” durable plate steel construction makes for a durable bumper that won't fall apart after your first weekend out, no matter if you are out on the dunes or in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mud.

As trucks get fitted with more technology, aftermarket bumper manufacturers must allow the stock parking sensors and cruise control modules to be utilized. After all, we don’t want to be taking a step back when upgrading our vehicles.


Fab Fours was built on creating some of the best looking truck bumpers available. It has lasted for so long because everyone working at the company knows that a product must perform as well as it looks, and that is especially true for the Fab Fours Matrix line of bumpers.

BumperStock is proud to be working with a company that puts so much blood, sweat, and possibly tears into each one of their products.

And like Fab Fours, we work hard every single day to bring you the best products at the lowest prices. Being the best at what you do never came easy, but we are up for the challenge.

As always, we are standing by to answer any questions or concerns you might have about this brand or any other. Give us a call or shoot us a message today!


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Bumpersock.com is 5 star customer service. Bumper itself is nice....

However, the bodyshop noticed a nail in the pallet had been riding across the bumper, so it had a large gouge in it. There were 2 other scuff marks as well that he documented for me. That was probably from the shipper. All and all, it was a very good experience. Iron Cross should have a little more attention to detail when placing product on the pallet. The shipping is my only issue. I'd give 4.5 overall.

Rear bumper

Arrived quickly and well packed in the box. Will follow up after install.

Deer catcher bumper

Don't have the bumper mounted yet, but looking forward to getting it on

Customer Care 😃

Hands down some of the best Customer Care that I have ever had. The Shipper in my location lost my Bumper, Haha have too laugh how you lose something that size is beyond me ( and I thought losing my car keys was a big deal ) anyway as sone as I made BumperStock aware of what happened they went into action to fine my bumper and get it delivered to me ASAP. But it has truly been lost so they have another bumper on its way. Great Job BumperStock 4x4 stars Thanks BumperStock your the best!!! Shawn G.