Iron Cross Bumpers

Just like the pickup truck, Iron Cross prides itself on being all-American. They started more than 30 years ago in the United States and to this day remains one of few truck bumper manufacturers that are 100% built at home.

Its iconic logo is derived from the Maltese Cross because it represents strength and durability. That’s why the armed forces and so many fire departments use the Maltese Cross to this day.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma company offers some of the best bumpers in the industry and prides itself on their quality and craftsmanship of each bumper leaving their facility.

Why choose Iron Cross bumper?

Do you want the best? Go with a company that has been there since the very beginning. Iron cross has been a successful part of the aftermarket bumper industry since the beginning. By making the bumpers right here in the USA, you can be sure that you get a good quality product every time.

A wide variety of bumpers are available to fit the style and needs of everyone, including yourself! For the truck that works as hard as its owner, the Hardline and Heavy Duty series are perfect as they come with added protection and winch support. If you still want to upgrade the look and functionality of your truck, but without the added weight, we recommend the Low Profile and RS series.

Available Series

No matter your application, BumperStock has an Iron Cross Bumper that will fit your needs.

RS Series

The RS line of bumpers offers a new, sleek and low-profile design that many customers are after. No matter if your truck is stock or lifted, the RS line will make your truck stand out from the rest.

Bumpers feature a shell made from extra-touch 10-gauge steel and mounting brackets made of ¼” for years of trouble-free performance.

A 2” square class III receiver tube is perfectly integrated into the bumper, allowing for easy trailer pushing or recovery. Collar is reinforced with ½” steel to guarantee durability.

Hardline Series

The Hardline Series bumpers bring together great looks and quality to make for a durable bumper that performs as good as it looks.

Lighting up the road was an important factor when building this series. That’s why Iron Cross allows you to mount light bars and individual lights in many different configurations.

Installation is super simple thanks to the built-in mounting plates. This means that no additional fabrication is needed.

Low Profile

Sometimes, having an in-your-face bumper is just not practical. The low-profile series is perfect for those who want to keep a somewhat stock look, but with the added protection that only Iron Cross can offer.

It is specially designed to fit in place of the original bumper and made from steel that is much stronger than any stock bumper will ever be.

It will add that little touch of flair while protecting the front end of your truck. As an added feature, the bumper will accommodate 5.5” fog lights as well as a 20”-22” lightbar in the center.

Heavy Duty

Just like an HD truck, the heavy-duty bumper line from Iron Cross is meant for business. Features such as being able to accommodate a 12,500 lb. winch (on certain models) and recessed light housings are meant to provide modern convenience while standing tall to most obstacles.

Certain models that come with a grill guard provide the ultimate level of front-end protection and will stop any incoming damage from occurring.

Trucks are made for work, and no matter what your job is, Iron Cross Heavy-Duty bumpers will work as hard for your truck as you do at your job.

Advantages of choosing Iron Cross Bumpers

Each Iron Cross bumper is made from durable 10-gauge steel. Thicker material means that your truck will stand up to any obstacles it faces.

The company only uses the best craftsmen and precision CNC-cut pieces to makes sure each bumper doesn’t just fit perfectly but performs even better.

By using a textured, powder-coated finish, Iron Cross makes their bumpers will stand up to anything its owners puts them through. Powder coating is a process that effectively bakes the paint on.

All these technical details add up to make one of the best bumpers from a company that has been in business since the time people started modifying their trucks.


The iconic Iron Cross was used to specifically represent the strongest men, so it's only fair that it is used on some of the strongest truck bumpers in the world.

BumperStock has a wide variety of models from Iron Cross that will surely fit your lifestyle. No matter if you are using your vehicle for work or play, BumperStock has you covered.

We are happy and standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Be sure to call or message us today.


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Rigid Industries 202113 3'' D-Series Flood Fog Light (1 Pair) is 5 star customer service. Bumper itself is nice....

However, the bodyshop noticed a nail in the pallet had been riding across the bumper, so it had a large gouge in it. There were 2 other scuff marks as well that he documented for me. That was probably from the shipper. All and all, it was a very good experience. Iron Cross should have a little more attention to detail when placing product on the pallet. The shipping is my only issue. I'd give 4.5 overall.

Rear bumper

Arrived quickly and well packed in the box. Will follow up after install.

Deer catcher bumper

Don't have the bumper mounted yet, but looking forward to getting it on

Customer Care 😃

Hands down some of the best Customer Care that I have ever had. The Shipper in my location lost my Bumper, Haha have too laugh how you lose something that size is beyond me ( and I thought losing my car keys was a big deal ) anyway as sone as I made BumperStock aware of what happened they went into action to fine my bumper and get it delivered to me ASAP. But it has truly been lost so they have another bumper on its way. Great Job BumperStock 4x4 stars Thanks BumperStock your the best!!! Shawn G.