Steelcraft Bumpers

The late ‘90s gave birth to what is now known as one of the best aftermarket truck and SUV accessory manufacturer. Steelcraft is a southern California company that makes some of the highest quality truck bumpers on the market.

Thanks to its overwhelming success, the research and development team can produce bumpers for the newest truck models up to 180 earlier than its closest competitor.

Overall customer satisfaction has skyrocketed Steelcraft bumpers to the top of the list for anybody wanting quality, American-made aftermarket truck bumpers.

We, here at BumperStock, proudly offer a wide selection of Steelcraft bumpers in a variety of models that are sure to match the style of your prized truck.

The #1 reason to buy Steelcraft bumpers

We know that spending $1,500-$2,000 on an aftermarket bumper can be a lot of money for anyone. That's why Steelcraft is committed to selling their bumpers at a fraction of that price.

Quality is one thing that the company prides themselves on. They have been in business for such a long time because they refuse to cut corners. This is what makes them one of the most sought companies.

Combining affordable prices with great quality has proven to be a winning formula for Steelcraft, making them one of the most popular aftermarket bumper brands. Every passing year has proven that if you build a quality product and sell at a good price you will gain a huge customer base.

Available Series

Bumperstock has several Steelcraft series available to better suit your needs and enhance the look of your truck.

Elevation Series

Steelcraft incorporates the need for a grill guard in their Elevation Series bumpers. Just like their other series, Steelcraft makes sure to use durable flat steel for durability.

Bumpers are engineered to retain your license plate mount, and tow hooks. On top of that, the E-coated and powder-coated finish will not flake off over time.

Being able to accommodate most 20 double row lights means that you won’t be left in the dark when the sun goes down. Adaptive cruise control and emblem cameras(if applicable) will not be affected and will continue to work without problems.

HD Bullnose

The HD Bullnose series has all the benefits of HD series but with the added functionality of a bull bar. They were initially installed on trucks to avoid collision with cars or livestock on the road, but have now become a popular feature on many of today's aftermarket bumpers. Just like the other bumpers from Steelcraft, the Bullnose series is capable of mounting a lightbar without the need for additional cutting or fabrication.

HD Replacement Series

The HD series provides maximum protection while increasing the overall look of your truck. Features such as the integrated diamond plating and using schedule 40 pipe around the headlights ensures your investment is protected, regardless of the terrain. For maximum protection, the grille is also protected by a heavy-duty mesh that will resist most impacts

Fortis Series

If you want a sleeker, modern look, opting out for the Fortis series will help you accomplish that while still offering superior protection thanks to its 6 gauge, durable steel construction. All Fortis bumpers come ready for shackles and will allow your favorite 20” lightbar to drop right in.

Have a look at our entire line of Steelcraft bumpers today and find the one that is just right for you!

Why pick Steelcraft bumpers over the rest

Steelcraft is known as a leader in the aftermarket bumper industry. Their build quality is nothing short of perfection. Therefore, Steelcraft offers a 2-year warranty on their products, while the competition can only do one year.

All products are powder coated and E-coated for superior corrosion protection. This ensures that paint the finish will not be subjected to chipping or damage, regardless of where you take your truck.

Where needed, schedule 40 pipe is used. Using schedule 40 pipes will add an extra level of protection and ensure that the build quality of Steelcraft bumpers is second to none!


In the world of aftermarket bumpers, the sheer number of choices can be downright stressful and intimidating. But, like with anything else, you get what you pay for.

If you skimp out now on a poor-quality bumper, you will end up regretting that decision in no time at all. BumperStock and Steelcradt have built a quality relationship over the years and therefore can get you the best price from a company you can trust.

If you have any questions regarding Steelcraft bumpers, our bumper experts will be happy to assist. Simply call or chat with us and we will show you why we are one of the best in the business.


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Rigid Industries 202113 3'' D-Series Flood Fog Light (1 Pair) is 5 star customer service. Bumper itself is nice....

However, the bodyshop noticed a nail in the pallet had been riding across the bumper, so it had a large gouge in it. There were 2 other scuff marks as well that he documented for me. That was probably from the shipper. All and all, it was a very good experience. Iron Cross should have a little more attention to detail when placing product on the pallet. The shipping is my only issue. I'd give 4.5 overall.

Rear bumper

Arrived quickly and well packed in the box. Will follow up after install.

Deer catcher bumper

Don't have the bumper mounted yet, but looking forward to getting it on

Customer Care 😃

Hands down some of the best Customer Care that I have ever had. The Shipper in my location lost my Bumper, Haha have too laugh how you lose something that size is beyond me ( and I thought losing my car keys was a big deal ) anyway as sone as I made BumperStock aware of what happened they went into action to fine my bumper and get it delivered to me ASAP. But it has truly been lost so they have another bumper on its way. Great Job BumperStock 4x4 stars Thanks BumperStock your the best!!! Shawn G.