Truck Bumpers All you need to know

If you are in the market for new truck bumpers, this is a must-read. Several factors can influence the final decision when buying bumpers for trucks. Critical questions need to be answered before deciding which is right for your pickup.

The internet is flooded with articles about aftermarket bumpers, but having all the information accessible at your fingertips is key. 

This is where we come in. We understand your time is valuable and you’d rather be out muddin’ or discovering new trails. Researching aftermarket bumpers shouldn’t hold you back. 

On the contrary, it should help you choose the right bumper with ease. 

We have created this post to help save you time when it comes to choosing the right aftermarket truck bumper. Be sure to check out some of the most commonly asked questions below and find out why we are one of the best on the market when it comes to truck bumpers. 

Over the years, Bumperstock has become the leading authority in aftermarket accessories. We have a team of experienced staff that will help you when needed most. When it comes to buying the right bumpers for trucks, we are the best.

Common Questions

Road Armor bumper on a truck

What Are Aftermarket Truck Bumpers?

Aftermarket truck bumpers are designed to increase approach and departure angles. Of course, safety is also part of the game. Stock bumpers for trucks will do the job just fine. But badass aftermarket truck bumpers can do so much more.

For example, off-road bumpers are made to be extremely durable, look better, and perform exceptionally well. Getting all three right at once is like hitting the lottery. It’s the holy grail.

Manufacturers have always incorporated an element of good looks into their design. Besides, you want your rig to look good, right? 

Having durable bumpers is a must for hardcore 4X4 enthusiasts. Don’t be that guy who gets hung up on every rock when going out. Keep in mind that off-road bumpers should not be confused with bumper covers.

aftermarket truck bumper vs bumper cover

Are Truck Bumpers And Bumper Covers The Same Thing?

Bumper covers are typically used on new cars and trucks for looks. They are made of flexible plastic materials such as ABS plastic. They can also help with the overall aesthetics of the vehicle by hiding key mechanical and safety components such as parking sensors. 

The metal body behind it is classified the truck bumpers. It will protect you in the event of a crash.

When talking about bumpers for trucks, we pride ourselves on offering the best of the best. We try to offer custom bumpers that incorporate as many features as possible. 

A bumper cover and support material are generally one-piece and considered a truck bumper. They can be fully welded together. It will give you ultimate badass protection and incredible looks. Not sure which offroad bumper is right for you? Check out our next question!

What Are Truck Bumpers For?

The main purpose of aftermarket bumpers is to protect the vehicle in the event of a crash. Over time, aftermarket truck bumpers have become much more than that. While it may not seem like it, protection is their main job. 

Every bumper will have a slightly different design. This in turn makes it suitable for certain environments.

For example, ranch-style truck bumpers are engineered to work best for work trucks. They come with built-in grill guards on most models to help protect your front end from damage. 

On the other hand, sport-style aftermarket bumpers are designed with a low profile. This means they will not provide the same level of protection as regular bumpers. 

Iron Cross bumper and sunset

Are Bumpers For Trucks Required By Law?

Yes. Most jurisdictions legally require you to have truck bumpers. The law can differ from state to state. But when it comes to safety, don’t take the chance. Remember why bumpers for trucks are used in the first place. 

In the event of a crash, stock and aftermarket truck bumpers will protect your vehicle. The same goes for the passengers. But there is no doubt an aftermarket truck bumper has a better chance at doing the job. 

Going without one could result in a fine or a simple citation. Either way, it’s a good way of attracting unwanted attention. 

What Are Truck Bumpers Made Of?

Aftermarket bumpers are made of heavy-duty steel or lightweight aircraft quality aluminum. Both options are far better in terms of durability when compared to plastics used by auto manufacturers. 

Traditionally, ABS plastic is used because its production cost is much lower. When going with custom truck bumpers, steel is the best option for crash protection. It is one of the main reasons so many aftermarket companies use it when making bumpers for trucks.

Aluminum will also offer much more protection than plastic. It will weigh considerably less than traditional steel bumpers. The only downside is the cost. It is much harder to work with and produce. 

Welder is working on bumper

What Kind Of Steel Is Used For Truck Bumpers?

Old fashioned carbon steel accounts for 90% of all aftermarket truck bumpers construction. There are several reasons for this. Most notably carbon steel is renowned for being extremely strong. 

On top of that, it is easily available and manufactured, further bringing down the cost. But don’t think that carbon steel is just a way to save money. Think of it as being the perfect material for making durable and badass-looking accessories. 

History says that that steel has been used for roughly 4,000 years. If it was good back then, you best believe it’s perfect for making off-road bumpers for trucks.

How Much Does An Aftermarket Bumper Weigh?

A custom bumper will add anywhere from 100-200 lbs of weight. Several factors go into play. Steel versions, especially aftermarket truck bumpers that offer full protection will be closer to the 200 lbs mark. 

Sport aftermarket truck bumpers for trucks will be lighter. The advantage of less weight can be felt in handling. Fuel consumption will also drop when, meaning MPGs will increase. 

Of course, there is a negative trade-off to lightweight bumpers. 

While they will help with mileage, a lightweight bumper will not have the same level of protection that heavy-duty ones offer. We recommend aluminum options for top-level defense and low weight.

Truck Airbag

Do Aftermarket Bumpers Affect Airbags?

A high-quality aftermarket bumper will not affect airbags or when they deploy. Their main purpose is to protect you in the event of a crash. Having a bumper that negatively impacts safety would defeat the purpose.

There are several ways that airbags can deploy. In our case, sensors are located directly behind the bumper cover. 

Manufacturers consider this when building off-road bumpers. Every series we sell at Bumperstock is thoroughly tested to ensure they go off as intended. When asking if aftermarket truck bumpers affect airbags, the answer is no. 

The safety systems will work as usual and won’t negatively affect you in case of an accident.

Do Steel Bumpers Help In Accidents?

Steel aftermarket bumpers do show evidence of helping protect the vehicle and its occupants. In a high-speed crash, aftermarket truck bumpers will help keep passengers safe. However, the impact will cause a higher likelihood of frame or mechanical damage. 

In a car accident, the plastic bumper can get damaged. Steel ones are stronger and will not be as easily scratched.

But let’s face it, we want an aftermarket truck bumper because it can potentially save us. The good looks of aftermarket bumpers are the icing on the cake. 

If steel bumper has suffered enough damage, it may be cheaper to swap it out for a new one. Trying to repair a wrecked steel bumper can quickly add up.

Aftermarket truck bumper after car accident

Do Steel Bumpers Rust?

Steel truck bumpers can rust. Exposure to oxygen will make most iron corrode or oxidize. The good news is that the majority of off-road bumpers we carry are powder coated. 

Powder coating is similar to paint but much stronger. This means the surfaces of your favorite bumper are sealed and will not easily corrode. Unlike paint, powder coating is less likely to flake or chip over time. 

Long-term durability is the name of the game. You need a strong finish from the very beginning when building bumpers for trucks. Cutting corners is not a good idea. Every reputable truck bumper manufacturer will tell you that. Plus if you are planning to go 4x4-ing, a tough powder-coated finish is a must for aftermarket bumpers. 

Can You Wrap Truck Bumpers?

Yes! Truck bumpers can be easily wrapped. Most will come with a powder-coated finish. And while black looks good, it may not be for everyone. 

The beauty of wrapping your bumpers is that they can be easily reversed without much of a hassle. Wraps are made of flexible and durable vinyl materials. It will add extra protection to an already tough bumper. 

If the idea of changing the color of your bumper is running through your head, this is the best option. Cost-wise, it is also much cheaper when compared to traditional paint. Wrapping is a good way to test out new colors and see if you like it.

Fab Fours bumper on GMC Sierra truck

Are Aftermarket Bumpers Worth It?

Aftermarket bumpers are 100% worth it. No matter how you look at them, they are a huge benefit for every pickup. The initial cost can be more than stock truck bumpers. But aftermarket bumpers will pay for themselves in a very short time. Increased versatility and being able to stand up to minor bumps are just some benefits. 

Some will simply purchase new truck bumpers for the looks. Others do it because they need something with more functionality when going off-road. Either way, there is no denying that off-road bumpers are worth it. 

Wondering how much a new bumper will cost? Check out the next section below.

How Much Do Truck Bumpers Cost?

Truck bumpers can cost from as little as $800 and go all the way up to $3500+. The price can change due to a variety of reasons. Materials used will be one of the biggest factors of aftermarket bumpers.

Placement plays another important role in the final price when manufacturing bumpers for trucks. A rear bumper is physically smaller and will be cheaper. Front bumpers are much bigger and will cost. It’s especially true for off-road truck bumpers with a full grille guard.

Lastly, who makes the bumper will also play a big role in the cost. For example, Ranch Hand will have a different price when compared to Hammerhead. 

Truck Bumpers - BumperStock

Where To Buy Truck Bumpers?

BumperStock is known in the community for having one of the best selections of custom bumpers. We have worked tirelessly with some of the biggest names in the industry.

No matter if you have a small ¼-ton like the Tacoma or a work-ready one-ton, we got your aftermarket bumpers needs covered. Our online store has several styles to choose from. 

Some customers will need big beefy truck bumpers with enhanced protection. Others will look at lightweight options as the best choice.

Buying an off-road bumper can be a stressful experience. We are here to make that easier by answering all of your questions and settling any worries.

Types of Aftermarket Truck Bumpers

Truck Bumpers with Full Grille Guard

Bumpers With Full Grille Guard 

Truck bumpers with a full grille guard are a great choice for those looking to have top-end protection from aftermarket bumpers. They will stop anything from damaging your rig. Think of it as a defensive shield from most dangers.

Heavy-duty thick steel tubing is used to surround key components such as headlights and radiators. Couple that with a tough powder coat finish and you have truck bumpers that give you a virtually bulletproof front end. 

Key Features

  • Full front end protection 
  • Rugged Design 
  • Keeps your grill, radiator, and headlights safe 
  • Intimidating looks

Hammerhead X Series Bumpers 

Hammerhead X-Series Aftermarket Bumpers feature a tough look and high-quality steel construction. They are engineered to stand up to punishing on and off-road conditions, making them one of the best truck bumpers on the market.  

Main Benefits:

  • Textured Balck powder coated finish
  • Made from 3/16”, high-grade A36 carbon steel
  • Accommodates winches up to 16,500 lbs.
  • Weighs only 189 lbs 
  • Designed for easy installation

Whether it's on the road or off-road, you can’t get much better than this. Hammerhead truck bumpers are made with high-quality steel in the USA. Plus, their sleek look will make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Hammerhead bumper X-series

Here is what Eric Sanders said about the Hammerhead 600-56-0958 X-series Bumper: The bumper fits great, looks awesome, and works amazingly. I’ve used the winch several times without any issues. There were no instructions in the box but I didn't need them because it was pretty self-explanatory. The finish is of good quality. Installation time for me was done by me in one afternoon. It is heavy, so have some jack stands or friends around.

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Ranch Hand Summit Series Bumpers

Sometimes it pays to break away from traditional design. Ranch Hand Summit series front truck bumpers are a great choice for those looking to save unwanted weight. 

Main Benefits 

  • Constructed of high-grade diamond plate steel 
  • Bullnose is made of 12 gauge steel tubing
  • High-quality black powder-coated finish  
  • Retains OEM fog lights and tow hooks on most applications

Ranch Hand created the Summit series truck bumpers for specific ½-ton trucks. Nowadays, the company has expanded to a variety of pickups. Finding your off-road bumper has never been easier. Check out our entire lineup of Summit series off-road bumpers today.

Ranch Hand bumper Summit Series

Chris Clanton has this to say about Ranch Hand FBF051BLR Summit Series aftermarket bumpers

Very impressed with this bumper. Everything fits great and comes with everything needed. You can tell it is very heavy duty. I expect it to last for years. The hardest part was taking off the old bumper of the Ram. After that, it was smooth sailing. Highly recommend it.

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Steelcraft Bumpers 

Steelcraft has long been known for making some of the toughest aftermarket bumpers. They are built of durable plate steel for a cleaner look.

Main Benefits

  • Durable plate steel construction 
  • Retains factory tow hooks, fog lights, and fog lights
  • Textured powder-coated finish for ultimate durability
  • These truck bumpers can be easily installed without modification

When talking about full grille guard bumpers, Steelcraft doesn’t mess around. Overall, you get badass-looking truck bumpers that can also perform. 

Steelcraft bumper on Dodge Ram 2500/3500

Here is what Drake Minor thinks about Steelcraft 60-11380CC Aftermarket Bumpers:

I am so happy with my Steelcraft bumper. It came in about two or three days after I ordered it and was packed really well. I like that it doesn’t block my view from the driver’s seat. It was on sale too! So I got an amazing deal. The installation is top-notch, and it contours the truck’s body nicely. Almost forgot to mention the number of complaints I get from people. Overall, I am extremely happy with it.

Steelcraft bumpers

Bumpers With Pre-Runner Guard 

Truck Bumpers with pre-runner guard

Not sure if you should go all out with a full grille guard? Do truck bumpers with no guard sound better? If you want the best of both worlds, pre-runner off-road bumpers are the way to go. 

It offers awesome protection and great function. Stacking up highway miles will increase the chance of a wildlife encounter. Pre-runner bumpers will help with deer impacts by reducing damage.

Key Features

  • Offers great protection
  • Reduces the potential for damage
  • Built-in bullbar 
  • Enhances versatility
  • Adds protection

Fab Fours Vengeance Bumpers

Fab Fours Vengeance truck bumpers offer a high and tight design that is second to none. Lower cutouts provide optimal airflow for top-performing trucks. The added protection of a bull bar increases durability, making them one of the best bumpers for trucks

Main Features

  • “High and tight” design
  • Offers incredible ground clearance 
  • Includes all necessary brackets 
  • Strategic cutouts increase airflow
  • Made from 11-gauge US Steel

No matter if you are using your truck for work, play, or a combination of both. Count on Fab Fours Vengeance aftermarket bumpers for trucks to help get you there. 

Fab Fours bumper on Chevy Colorado

Check out what Amy Breon has to say about the Fab Fours CC15-D3352-1 Vengeance Bumpers:

I love how this bumper fits on my Colorado. Everything came nicely packaged and quick too. BumperStock really helped me feel at ease when I had questions. Highly recommend. You can tell it’s a quality. The powder coat is nearly indestructible.

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Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers 

Fab Fours Matrix bumpers are the ultimate mix of form and function. Every angle makes it look like it is ready for battle. Unique features can be seen throughout the entire design.

Main Features 

  • 3/16” durable plate steel construction
  • Hardcore 2-stage powdercoat finish
  • Weighs only 175 lbs. 
  • Built-in D-ring mounts and sensor holes

Badass looks and increased protection is exactly what the Fab Fours Matrix aftermarket bumper series was built for. Grabbing everyone’s attention has never been easier! Check out one of the reviews below. 

Fab Fours Matrix bumper on GMC Sierra 2500/3500

Here is what Robert Klinkel said about the Fab Fours Matrix Bumper GM15-X2852-1 

I replaced my old bumper because someone backed into me. Initially, I didn’t have high hopes for this model. But got pleasantly surprised. From the delivery to the build, it is extremely awesome. Now I’m thinking of getting a rear bumper too. 

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Hammerhead Bumpers With Pre-Runner Guard 

Hammerhead Bumpers With Pre-Runner Guard is the ultimate in aftermarket truck bumpers. They are designed to look good and perform even better. Quality workmanship can be easily throughout their entire lineup.

Main Features

  • 3/16” heavy-duty steel construction 
  • Extra durable powder-coated finish 
  • The brush guard is made from 1.75" x 0.120" wall tubing
  • Designed to follow perfectly fit your truck

Hammerhead truck bumpers are known in the industry for being one of the best. And it is easy to see why. Everything from the powder-coated finish, to the steel used, is top-notch. 

Hammerhead bumper with pre-runner guard

Steven Meadows has to say this about Hammerhead Bumpers With Pre-Runner guard 600-56-0436:

I have now bought two Hammerhead bumpers. I put one on my 2016 Silverado and the other on my 2016 Sierra. I like them because they are super heavy-duty. The steel is thick, so I know it can take a lot of damage. They are also perfectly welded(I’m a welder by trade). You will not go wrong with these bumpers!

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Bumpers With No Guard 

Truck bumpers with no grille guard

Some don’t want all the added fuss that comes with grille guard truck bumpers. We get that. Truck bumpers with no grille guard are the perfect alternative. You still get unbeatable protection without messing up the look of a factory front end.

Key Features 

  • Offers great protection
  • Helps retain the factory look 
  • Weighs less than other aftermarket bumpers for trucks
  • Enhances tire clearance 

Fab Fours Vengeance Bumpers 

Want to put your truck on a diet but still need the protection of an aftermarket bumper? Look no further than these bumpers for trucks. Fab Fours Vengeance bumpers are the perfect compromise. It is a lightweight yet incredibly strong option that will leave impressed for years to come.

Main Features

  • 11-gauge US steel construction
  • Complete bolt-on installation
  • “High and tight” design language 
  • Strategically placed cutouts increase airflow
  • Allows larger tires to fit easily

If you are looking to get an aftermarket bumper that doesn’t have all much bulk, this is the way to go. These aggressive truck bumpers are ready for battle. It is just an added benefit. 

Fab Fours bumper on Chevy Suburban

Here is what Dan Larson says about his Fab Fours Vengeance bumper CS15-D3551-1

Review — This bumper really makes my Suburban stand out. I no longer have just another boring truck. Although I haven’t tested it off-road yet, I can tell it will do just fine. Thanks again Bumperstock. Will come back when it’s time to upgrade.

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Iron Cross Low Profile Bumpers 

For those wanting high-quality, no-nonsense truck bumpers, the Iron Cross Low Profile bumper series is perfect. It is made from the toughest materials and built using the highest standards. Being one of the best in the business is just a side effect.

Main Features

  • Fully Welded CNC cut components 
  • Premium textured black powder-coated finish
  • Constructed from durable 10-gauge steel
  • Offers maximum protection

Iron Cross Low Profile bumpers are perfect for trucks that serve a purpose. Get in, get the job done. And get out knowing your bumper will be there to back you up. 

Iron Cross bumper on Ford F250/F350

Adam Hill also thinks highly of his Iron Cross Bumper 40-425-99, here is what he had to say:

It fits like a glove and looks amazing on my truck. It took two people to install it. Make sure you have a helping hand when mounting it. My only complaint is that the inner bolts could be made a little easier to get in. Other than that, it is a great product. Highly recommend Iron Cross bumpers.

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Steelcraft Fortis Bumpers

Off-road bumpers for trucks are perfect for adding extra protection to your front end. But some models are over the top in terms of design. Steelcraft gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t from aftermarket truck bumpers.

Main Features

  • Fully welded one-piece design 
  • Extremely durable black powder-coated design
  • Made from 6-gauge steel
  • Engineered for a perfect fit

Steelcraft Fortis truck bumpers are made to take a beating. Durable steel construction and close attention to detail make sure of that.

Steelcraft bumper on Ford F250 truck

Rowdy Staben also thinks that Steelcraft Fortis Truck Bumpers are the next best thing since sliced bread

Thanks BumperStock! I got this bumper for my husband’s truck as a birthday gift. It is literally the only thing he talks about now, lol. I honestly thought the ordering process would be much harder, but BumperStock made things extremely easy. We’re now looking for a light bar for the front.

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Final Thoughts

Truck bumpers are an essential part of any vehicle. They help provide protection and improve the look of your pickup. A new off-road bumper is a fantastic way to spice up the looks. 

Several factors should be considered before pulling the trigger on new truck bumpers. We are here to help with those decisions when it comes to purchasing your next off-road bumper. 

This post is intended to answer the most common questions you ask about aftermarket truck bumpers. We covered everything from available styles, materials, manufacturers, etc. Bumperstock wants to be informed and educated about your new bumper.

If you are in the market for something with all-out protection or a sporty alternative, we got you covered.

Every brand and style has its own characteristics. That’s why it is crucial to understand why how and what materials they are made of. 

The more you know, the easier it will be to take action. Never settle for stock. Your pickup should stand out from the crowd. 

If you have more specific questions about bumpers for trucks, please reach out to us. Our expert staff is extremely knowledgeable and will gladly steer you in the right direction with your new aftermarket truck bumpers.

Thanks for reading!