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Rear cowboy bumper

Shipping was great on time, arrived very neat and everything was there, great job.


The perfect bumper from the best company. Great communication from them as well

2008 Chevy Silverad0 3500 HD

Free Shipping - prompt - Beautiful Bumper, well made, fits tight and matches up with factory bolts - the good. The bad - the carriage bolts for lights (also Iron Cross) were ALL TOO BIG - required a Dremel/Angle Grind to enlarge to bolt hole track on the bumper - kind of pain. Initial installation the fog lights hit a corner of frame and required another 6" x 1.5" cutout on the truck's radiator/headlight frame. Wiring Harness is good - comes complete but will require cut/re-splicing if using all 3 lights. Cut back and tuck the wheel liner to fit and end result is this a Great Bumper!

Love my new bumper

Bumper looks so good fast and easy installation highly recommended

Great purchase

Fast shipping, bumper packaged well.