Order Confirmation

It is important to note that when you place your order on the website your preferred method of payment has not been charged yet. Our team will carefully go through your order to verify the details such as product availability, shipping address and other information that is required. Once this is completed, only then will you be charged for your order.

Processing your orders usually takes 1-3 business days to complete. You can avail for our upgraded shipping for faster processing times. On top of that our representatives will provide you updates regularly to assure your order is being taken care of. Opting in to this service ensures your order is processed in 24 hours, if not same day!

You can cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped. Once the order leaves the warehouse you can no longer cancel. If you refuse the order upon delivery, this will be considered as a regular return and you will be responsible for the original shipping cost, return shipment and restocking fee. You can refer to our Return Policy for more details. An automatic 3% processing fee will be applied to all canceled orders. That fee is non-refundable.


Stock and Availability

We offer a wide variety of aftermarket truck bumpers and most of them are in stock. If the bumper that you like is not available, we will contact the manufacturer so that they could ship the bumper to you directly.

We work closely with a number of distributors and manufacturers to ensure availability the products. If an item you choose is not available with BumperStock and the manufacturer, it is most likely unavailable elsewhere. To make things convenient for you, and to ensure you get the item as soon as possible, you can allow us process your purchase via back-order so that the part is delivered immediately to your address as soon as its available again.


Shipping and Delivery

As soon as the tracking number is available, we will send it to you via email. The email will contain information such as the tracking number and the link where you can check the status of the delivery. If you do not receive the tracking number within a week after your order has been confirmed, please contact us via email support@bumperstock.com

Yes, aftermarket truck bumpers are heavy and we want to make sure the bumpers are handled properly considering their size and weight, that is why all bumpers are delivered via freight carriers. Because of this precaution, it might take a bit of time for you to receive the tracking number.

Not receiving a tracking number does not mean your order has been forgotten. Even without one, you can be confident that steps are being taken to ensure the item is delivered to you. There have been instances where delivery has been completed without receiving an active tracking number.

Our shipping partners will never send an order to its shipping address without first scheduling and appointment with you. Before the final delivery to the shipping address, you will be contacted by the delivery personnel via phone to set a date and time for the arrival of the order. This is to ensure that you will be available to receive and inspect your items.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when handling the delivery. It is important that you inspect before you sign. The consignee (you or someone you appoint) must completely OPEN and INSPECT the product.

  • If your freight item arrives visibly damaged, inspect the product prior to accepting delivery.
  • If damage is present, DO NOT accept delivery and DO NOT sign the delivery receipt.
  • Return paperwork to the driver and send us email along with the digital images of the damaged areas

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the package be inspected before you sign the delivery receipt. By signing the receipt and accepting the shipment, you are releasing the freight company and BumperStock of any liability for damages that are not reported on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery.


Free Shipping Terms and Conditions

Here at BumperStock, we are happy to offer Free Freight Shipping on all orders. That means that whether you use a commercial or a residential address you won't be charged for shipping. But in some rare cases (~5%) an additional delivery fee may be required for some hard-to-reach locations. This ensures bumpers are delivered on time and to lower risks of damage during delivery. Most freight items come to you within 3-5 days after shipment. 

Free shipping is applicable on both residential and commercial addresses but a residential location may not have the right equipment to conveniently unload your package. Your item will be shipped by a vehicle equipped with a liftgate at an additional cost to ensure the delivery of your bumper is carried out safely.

Having delivered a large number of items, we concluded that there is a higher risk of damaging the bumper during the transition from a big freight truck to a smaller delivery vehicle if it is shipped to a residential address.  Not only do commercial addresses have the facilities to carefully and harmlessly unload large and heavy truck bumpers, since the time for additional rerouting will be removed, but the delivery time can also be reduced significantly.

If an order is shipped to a freight terminal, the delivery personnel will contact the customer to inform them when their items are ready to be received.

If the customer does not arrive to receive their order or if they refuse to accept the order for a reason which is deemed not valid, the customer will shoulder all shipping, return, and restocking costs.

Please let us know if a lift-gate is required for the delivery. This is not part of free shipping and may incur an additional cost



Backordered items can usually be shipped within 2 to 12 weeks. We can automatically process your order so that if the item you have selected is on backorder for 2 to 3 weeks, it can be shipped as soon as it is available. We will contact you via phone or email to confirm if you accept the lead time and are willing to continue with your order in cases where the backorder can take more than 3 weeks.

Please note that all processing times we provide are an estimate. Your items may be delivered within a longer or shorter period than what is stated in the estimate. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date, especially with backorders since the manufacturers control this process directly.

NOTE: Please keep in my mind that after you agree to place the backorder it can't be canceled.