Shipping Policy

1. Order Processing

1.1 Order Confirmation

Buying aftermarket truck bumper from BumperStock is easy like a Sunday morning. After placing an order on our site, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order.

Important to know, that your payment method has not been charged at that moment. Our team will carefully go through your order to verify all the details such as product stock, shipping address and any other needed information. Only after this procedure is completed, you will be charged for the amount of your purchase.

1.2 Stock and Availability

Most bumpers listed on our website are usually in stock. But if it happens, that the bumper you choose is not currently available, we will contact the manufacturer, so that they could ship the bumper to you directly. If the item is not currently in stock at BumperStock and the manufacturer, you can be sure that it will be unavailable elsewhere. In that case, the fastest way to get the desired truck bumper is by letting us process your order via backorder. And once it becomes available again, it will be shipped to your address immediately.

In-stock orders usually take 1-3 days to leave the warehouse. Most freight items will be delivered within 5-7 business days after leaving the fulfillment center. 

1.3 Discount Coupons

We are happy to provide our customers with free gifts when buying definite models of bumpers. But if the customer doesn't need that gift and wants to get an additional discount instead, we can send a personal discount instead of free gift(s). Please, consider that free gifts can't be combined with personal discount. That means that if you chose a personal/additional discount instead of free gift(s), we won't send them with your order.


2. Shipping and Delivery

2.1 Tracking Number

As soon as the tracking number is available, we will send it to you via email. If you do not receive the tracking number within a week after your order has been confirmed, please contact us via email

Due to the size and weight, all bumpers are delivered via freight carriers. That's why there may be a delay in receiving the tracking number after your order has been confirmed.

But that doesn't mean that your order has been forgotten and is not being processed. The mechanism is working behind the scene anyway. There have been cases, where the truck bumper has been delivered to the client without an active tracking number.  Take for granted that the absence of a tracking number won't cause any delays and difficulties in the delivery of your truck bumper. 

2.2 Shipping Address: Residential vs. Commercial

As a matter of fact, we ship to both shipping address types, whether it is residential or commercial address. Though, we highly recommend you to provide us with a commercial address for delivery in order to have no doubt that your bumper will arrive in the very best condition.

Having delivered a great amount of items, we came to a conclusion that if shipping to a residential address, there appears a higher risk of damaging the bumper during the transition from a large freight truck to a smaller delivery vehicle. While commercial addresses will have the facilities to carefully and harmlessly unload massive and weighty truck bumpers. Besides that, when using the commercial address, the delivery time can be significantly reduced since the time for additional rerouting will be removed.

*Remote locations maybe charged an additional shipping surcharge.

2.3 Scheduling Appointment for Delivery

Be confident that we are doing our best in order to deliver your aftermarket truck bumper in no time. Our shipping partners will unfailingly schedule an appointment with you before delivery in order to have no doubt you are available to receive the item.

Take for granted that our shipping partners will never send an order to its shipping address without first scheduling and appointment with you. Before the final delivery to the shipping address, you will be contacted by the delivery personnel via phone to set a date and time for the arrival of the order. This is to ensure that you will be available to receive and inspect your items. 


3. Free Shipping Terms and Conditions

3.1 Delivery Appointment

All orders are shipped by trustworthy and reliable carriers such as Fedex Freight, Road Runner, Center Freight and Center Transport.

A phone number is required in order your item to be delivered in time. Our delivery partners will use it to schedule the delivery with you. Failure to provide a phone number may delay the delivery of the order which can lead to additional charges. This includes a storage fee that will be shouldered by the customer.

Although free shipping is applicable to both residential and commercial addresses, a residential location may not have the appropriate equipment to conveniently unload your items. To help ensure that the delivery is done safely, the option to have your items shipped by a vehicle equipped with a liftgate is available for a $50 fee if shipping to a residential address.

Please draw attention that schools, resorts, campgrounds, and hotels do not be considered as a commercial address.

If an order is shipped to a freight terminal, the delivery personnel will contact the customer to inform them when their items are ready to be received.

If the customer does not arrive to receive their order or if they refuse to accept the order for a reason which is deemed not valid, the customer will shoulder all shipping, labor, and restocking costs.

3.2 Backorders

Backordered items can usually be shipped within 2 to 12 weeks. If the item you’ve chosen is on backorder for 2 to 3 weeks, we can process your order automatically so that it can be shipped as soon as it’s available. In cases where the backorder can take more than 3 weeks, we will contact you via phone or via email to confirm if you accept the lead time and are willing to continue with your order.

Please note that all processing times we provide are an estimate. Your items may be delivered within a longer or shorter period than what is stated in the estimate. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date, especially with backorders since the manufacturers control this process directly.


If you have any questions about your order or our shipping policy, you can reach us through our contact page. Our friendly representatives are always happy to help.


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117 reviews

It’s a great looking bumper for the price and it’s fairly easy to install. Well packaged and I got it in about 4 days

Steelcraft 60-11380CC 2017-2019 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty HD Elevation Front Bumper

Steelcraft HD12260R 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 HD Bumper Replacements Front Bumper with Receiver

Amazing service and a seriously heavy duty bumper.

I ordered my bumper at 4:00pm on a Friday and immediately received emails letting me know the order was being processed. On the following Monday I got an email saying the bumper had shipped, but I wouldn't be able to track it for 24 hrs. I didn't get a chance to track it because it was there before noon on Tuesday! I was blown away to have free shipping that was this fast. The bumper came encased in a cocoon of quality packing material which worked out great for a work surface to lay on under the front of the truck, and for packing up the stock bumper for storage. The instructions were easy to follow, and all the parts fit perfect. The bumper looks great on my 2019 F250.
DeeJay Texas Pipeliner