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Dodge Ram Rebel Bumpers

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The Rebel isn’t just a regular Dodge Ram with a few stickers plastered on it. Oh no, it is much more than that. And for those who don’t know, the truck is designed with one thing in mind. That is to be an off-road, ultra-capable machine. From the added skid plates to the lightweight aluminum front hood, it’s a vehicle that feels more at home on the trails than it does on paved roads.

ADD F611402770103 2019-2021 Ram Rebel 1500 Stealth Fighter Front Bumper - BumperStock
ICI AL-FBM11DGN-RT 2015-2018 Alumilite Dodge Ram Rebel Front Winch Bumper - BumperStock
ADD F611422770103 2019-2021 Ram Rebel 1500 Stealth Fighter Front Winch Bumper - BumperStock

Front & Rear Bumpers for Dodge Ram Rebel

But, like with anything, it can be improved upon. Aftermarket Dodge Ram Rebel bumpers are meant to make this already capable truck, just that much better.

Companies like Addictive Desert Designs take the Rebel and bump it up a notch with their bumpers, in both style and functionality. Most of their front bumpers offer an extended skid plate that will help protect your engine from getting damaged by rock or boulders when going off-road.

On top of that, BumperStock has several ADD rear bumpers that perfectly compliment the front, helping you finish off that tough, off-road look.

Another popular brand that Dodge Ram Rebel owners seem to go crazy for is Road Armor. With a name like that, you know that protection is the number one is a priority. The company uses the highest quality plate steel and a super-durable 5-stage(yes, you read that right) powder-coated finish on most of their models. This helps give you not only a great-looking bumper but one that will be able to take as much punishment as you can dish out.

Now you can proudly show off your pride and joy without the fear of it getting lost in a parking lot. The Rebel Ram is already a beast off-road, but by putting on a new bumper, you know that when trouble rears its ugly head, you won't be left stranded.

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