How to choose a bumper: tips, tricks, and recommendations | BumperStock

It is very imperative to venture our time to choose truck bumpers that should beyond doubt fit our demands. We have to be certain that if we are bringing ourself in the automotive industry, we have to instill a great judgment.

And here at BumperStock, we are making an effort to present the choices at hand digitally. From trendy looks to long-lasting qualities. Tips, tricks and recommendations checklist listed just for you.

1. Lowkey or trendy

The competitions among all truck bumper vendors are tough. They always come up with various appearances for their bumpers.

It may be you're looking for a bumper that's just sticking to a simple design though it gives some accent for your truck or up to the minute head turner look for on, off roads.

By choosing Fab Fours Vengeance bumper you get a bumper that gives your truck an aggressive look! Bad ass looking for your ride. Though they are trying to deliver quality bumpers - they still make sure their products' design are on trend!

2. Coating should be in the list

Trucks are made to be driven and exposed anywhere. It is a special process to take by professionals to have your truck bumper be powder coated to be protected from any debris, or anything that would give scratch damages to your bumper.

Though regular paint is cheaper and can be done sooner than expected while coating process is said to be more expensive and takes some time to work on but it gives you a long lasting performance.

3. Steel made bumpers for every ride

When we purchase a truck bumper for the first time, we require it to be everlasting. We do not want to feel frustrated witnessing a definite impact when an animal got hit by the bumper, or a vehicle runs towards in front of your truck.

Hammerhead and Steelcraft are just a few of the many brands we can recommend. Here at BumperStock, we are proud to say that all of our bumpers are made of steel. Bumpers are meant to protect your truck, and we're helping you choose the right bumpers.

4. Extras for you

Grille guard & Pre-runner - Both serve as great extra protection for your truck. Grille guard safeguards certain parts of the truck like headlights. It also gives rugged look for your ride. Whilst, pre-runner offers various sizes and shapes of cutouts to achieve your customization.

Accessories - when you buy bumpers - you may want to equip it with a winch, shackles, fog lights or LED light bar. You can find all these here at BumperStock.

5. Fair Quotation

Now that we're on the verge of wrapping up everything, and getting the perfect bumper for your truck, we always reflect on the price. Realization takes place that it's a bit of a wrestle meeting the budget.

That is why Iron Cross is giving a fair price to each client and likely to help meeting your specification of the desired bumper.

As consumers, in reality, it can be stressful choosing the best truck bumper that would meet our demands. And we don't want to put your effort and hard work to waste. Here at BumperStock, we can definitely offer fair pricing to your liking. What is great, is we have discounts. Let's talk!