Hammerhead Bumpers: The Only Bumper Brand You Need

January 06, 2021 5 min read

When was the last time you paid attention to your front bumper? With the many parts of your truck, it is inevitable to focus on more complicated and fragile ones such as the engine and headlights.

However, it is very important to check on your bumpers too as they are a safety standard and increase your protection.  


All about Hammerhead Bumpers

Hammerhead bumpers are essential for every pick-up truck. Despite being simpler in structure, the importance of front bumpers cannot be overlooked. Hammerhead front bumpers are composed of pliable steel and a reinforcement bar which attaches the bumper to the frame of your truck. 


The main principle of Hammerhead creators is to build front bumpers that have excellent quality and that stand out in the market. With this, they ensure that their products get tested in extremely harsh environments. This makes them a reliable partner for front bumpers. 


In essence, Hammerhead bumpers help you avoid staggering repair costs in case you ever experience an accident on the road. Of course, it also protects you and your passengers from suffering any injuries. Moreover, these bumpers are specifically made to guard your trunk, hood, fuel, and even the cooling and exhaust system. It is no surprise that they are built using strong materials such as steel and rubber. 


Considering how crucial front bumpers are to your vehicle, it is important that you pick a trusted brand that produces the most durable bumpers on the market - and that’s Hammerhead. 


Reason To Choose Hammerhead Bumpers

Hammerhead is not like any other brand. It has reached success in the industry for its rich history and extraordinary craftsmen. Apart from bumpers, they are known for manufacturing high-grade equipment and truck accessories for every American. 


If you need more convincing, here’s why you should choose Hammerhead for all your bumper needs.

  •  Proudly American - whether you are a patriot or not, it is very delightful to know that all Hammerhead products are manufactured in the USA. Their bumpers are designed and built in their factory at Bay Sprints, Mississippi. 
  •  High Quality and Long-lasting - Hammerhead has already become a staple brand of bumpers not only in the country but across the globe. All of their front and rear bumpers are tried and tested to last for several years, with unmatched quality. 
  • Variety of choices - if you are looking for more style options Hammerhead is the brand for you. Their bumpers range from Prerunner guards up to full grille ones. Whatever kind of bumper you need, they can provide it to you!
  • All-around protection - Hammerhead bumpers can guard your truck from animal strikes, obstruction, and unpleasant weather conditions. You can sit back, relax, and focus on driving knowing you have an extra layer of protection. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Hammerhead should be your top choice for bumpers. Invest in a Hammerhead bumper and you are guaranteed to stay protected for a long time.


What Bumper Should I Get?

You finally have the truck of your dreams; it’s time to add protection to your vehicle. One of the common truck protections is truck bumpers. You may be wondering what type of bumper you should get. Don’t fret, as Hammerhead provides different types of bumpers based on your needs and material.

Bumpers with Full Grille Guard

Bumpers with full grille guards offer additional protection, especially if you’re out in the wildlife. It protects the headlights and grilles of your vehicle to prevent further damage. Common accidents happen in rural areas, where animals are roaming freely. You can also put additional lights to your grille guard’s front end to enhance your vehicle’s looks.

Hammerhead’s X-Series Front Bumper has a brush guard made from 1.75” x 0.120” Wall tubing. It also accommodates front factory sensors. But in case your vehicle does not have any of these, there will be plugs for the holes. This bumper is heavy duty and provides an aggressive look while protecting your truck from external factors.



Bumpers with Pre-Runner Guard

Bumpers with Pre-Runner Guard have a bull or push bar placed in front or top of your truck for additional strength without being too heavy. Pre-runners are shields against minor collisions, rocks, branches, etc. It also provides protection and an excellent mounting point for your headlights.

One example of a pre-runner is Hammerhead’s 600-56-0089 bumper. This steel bumper will fit on your 1994-2004 models of Ford F-250, 350, or 450. It is designed to be capable of your truck’s winch and can stand any difficulties while driving.



Low Profile Bumpers

Low Profile bumpers are simple with little to no-frills. This bumper is perfect for those who do not like any additional design in their trucks and only want a heavy-duty and clean-looking bumper.

Hammerhead’s 600-56-0410 LowPro Fleet Pre-runner Bumper has a .750” thick shackle mounts that extend through the bumper. They are also welded inside and outside of the bumper. This model provides a clean look for your truck, and it features a no-frills design for those who don’t want mounting fog lights in their bumper.


Winch Ready Bumpers

Winch bumpers are perfect for people who are always on the go. A winch is helpful in situations where you get stuck and you need some leverage. You may need to use anchor points to the winch or pull yourself out. It provides insurance for situations you least expect. If you are always going off-road with your truck, then a winch bumper may be helpful.

Hammerhead’s winch bumper can also work even on-road! Its Tacoma Pre-Runner Front Winch Bumper is one of the most reliable off-roading bumpers. It has a 20-inch single row light bar inside the bumper above the winch.



Importance of Bumpers

Hammerhead bumpers provide extra protection for your car while on the road or in the woods. It may look expensive, but Hammerhead assures that they carefully pick their materials. They live up to their purpose that strength, durability, and style can go hand in hand!


Friendly Reminder

Before you place your order with Hammerhead, bear in mind that they almost don't carry any stock. All Hammerhead bumpers are built based on the company engineers’ models and concepts, that's why it takes 3-4 weeks until they ship them. But these bumpers are so good that in 99% of cases people are ready to wait because they know that they will receive an aggressive, badass, and tough bumper for their rig.

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