Looking for the best aftermarket bumpers is a must if you want your truck to look tougher and house a rugged style. However, this is a little bit challenging for there are a ton of bumpers in the market. You need to look for something that will fit your model and accentuate its existing curvature at the same time. If you’re still confused about what to go for, here’s a guide to help you.






Steelcraft was founded in 1998, and they have been based in Southern California ever since. For over 20 years, Steelcraft is known as the premier manufacturer of truck and SUV accessories. Their accessories, especially the heavy-duty aftermarket bumpers, are high-quality and exceptional. These bumpers are surely capable of ensuring safety and increasing the aesthetic value of your truck.


The company specializes in heavy-duty aftermarket bumpers from older to newer models. Their service is one of the best as they provide a 3-year warranty for their durable bumpers. These bumpers are e-coated with a black powder finish. Further, their heavy-duty products such as bumpers have a 2-year warranty and limited lifetime warranty. 

Given their experience, Steelcraft knows exactly what you need at the right time. The strength of their bumpers can give you the confidence to go on adventures. You don’t have to worry about any damages when using their bumpers.

The HD Replacement bumper from Steelcraft can grab the attention of even those who don’t know about trucks. This is one of the most popular heavy-duty aftermarket bumpers in the market. It is heavy-duty, providing protection and safety for everyone riding a truck. Its new features which are the trails can attest to that.

If you’re looking for durability, then Steelcraft HD Replacement Bumper is the one for you. It has a one-piece welded design, which makes it the most durable bumper. It is e-coated, which is applied electrically, meaning that no rust or corrosion can damage it.

Made from the highest-grade materials thus, it can ensure guarding the front or back of your truck. It may require some time for the installation of this beauty, but it is super worth it! It is guaranteed that there’ll be no drilling needed for it.



Hammerhead was founded in 2008 with its headquarters located in Bay Springs, Mississippi. They are considered to be relatively new in the field. However, they are already performing alongside veteran companies. They use high-quality heavy equipment to produce heavy-duty bumpers.

They are known for their easy to bolt bumpers. These bumpers do not need to be drilled or welded to install directly to a truck’s frame. With this, they have produced one of the best heavy-duty aftermarket bumpers in America. This resulted in their fast success in the field.

They choose A36 Carbon Steel to use in the bumpers they make. A high-quality type of steel that is suitable for any truck. Hammerhead allows you to customize your bumpers by ordering raw, unpainted ones.

One of the products that you should look into is the Hammerhead X-Series Front Winch Bumper. It may look intimidating on the road for this bumper is made out of a steel plate with a base bumper with a full grill guard. It features an integrated shackle mount extension.

These bumpers are perfect for both on-road and off-road journeys. They are super strong but they still keep their weight as light as possible. With its structure, you can depend on it wherever you go. Further, it is made out of high-quality steel, which secures your front-end.

Your bumper’s with full coverage with this one. It provides an anti-slip feature, which is helpful when getting up the bumper. To top it off, it can accommodate the weight of a half-ton truck which is just amazing.


Ranch Hand




Ranch Hand is considered to be a veteran in the field. They started in 1986 where they were located in Shiner, Texas. They specialized in industrial-grade steel bumpers and other truck accessories. The design of their bumpers has been carefully crafted since 1986. So quality-wise, you’re in good hands.

They can manufacture a heavy-duty according to what you need. Their customer service is great and accommodating as they are committed to satisfying their clients. They understand that safety is the top priority of every client. Ranch Hand claims that their bumper pipe is 90% thicker than regular ones. Who knows? They wouldn’t stay in this business for so long if it’s not true.

This company ensures that the designs of their bumpers are suitable for every make and model of trucks. If you love showing off, then they can help you with that. As such, they offer a 1-year warranty for their products.

In choosing heavy-duty aftermarket bumpers you have to choose among a winch, a grille guard, and a tough bumper. It gets hard because it is difficult to choose when you want all of them in your bumper. Ranch Hand has the solution for you! Their well-known, best-selling Ranch Hand Sport Front Bumper has all three.

This bumper may look rugged but its performance is outstanding. It is one of the most heavy-duty bumpers you can find in the market, the most durable at that too. Even if it looks like an added weight to your truck, it is stable when installed.

The added performance of your truck is truly worth the price. This bumper may be the toughest one you’ve seen out there. Its increased weight only brings positive outcomes to your truck!


Iron Cross




Iron Cross was founded in 2003 located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are known for their workmanship and durable bumpers. They use fully welded all-steel heavy-duty bumpers for your trucks. You don’t have to worry if it’s welded properly.

This company prioritizes the safety of its customers among others. They only use high-quality and finest grade materials. So rest assured that your bumper will be sturdy and good-looking.

They specialize in making lightweight bumpers as they use high-technology equipment in manufacturing them. You don’t need to worry because even if they’re lightweight they’re still as durable. The reason behind this is to lessen the weight on your truck’s suspension system. Further, they also offer add-ons to your bumpers.

You can easily see that it is high-quality because of its textured gloss powder coat finish. The warranty for their products comes along once they’re shipped.

It is the best-seller with high ratings because it may be simple but it is also functional and efficient. It includes a grille guard which ensures added protection for a truck. It is suitable for any make or model of a truck so it’s really easy to pair with.

When someone says that they need heavy-duty bumpers, Iron Cross Bumper always comes up. You don’t have to sacrifice the look of your truck for function. Iron Cross Bumper offers both in boosting the defense of your front-end.

The double welding feature of this bumper shows off. The increased performance is unbelievable!


Fab Fours Vengeance




Fab Fours offer different lines for their heavy-duty bumpers. One of these is the Vengeance Series. Fab Fours Vengeance is a lightweight, stylish bumper made from premium steel. It has the strength to face any off-road adventures. It uses 11 Gauge Steel as material for its bumpers and it has a smooth matte black finish.

They are exceptional as they feature lights and sensors which you can consider as a complete package. However, these are sold separately. It is commonly described as aggressive in terms of its aesthetic. But it is sure to be durable and strong which can give you the safety and protection you want.

These can easily grab attention from many. Further, it has cut-outs found at the bottom of the bumpers for increased airflow. Its warranty lasts up to 2 years with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

With high strength, it is expected to be always super heavy to the point of speeding down your truck. Fab Fours Vengeance front bumper is different from that. It offers all the good features you look for in a bumper all while being lightweight.

The sensor is a big help too because even if bumpers are tough you still have to maintain them. Since these bumpers are sensor compatible, you won’t have to worry about light scratches from your bumper. Its black powder coat finish has a big role in making these bumpers sleek.

Protecting your front-end does not have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your truck. Fab Fours Vengeance front bumper makes sure that it is worth bolting on to your front end. The good thing about this is it fits any make or model which is great.


Fab Fours Matrix 




One of the bumper line series Fab Fours offers is the Matrix. Fab Fours Matrix has a smooth matte black finish made from 7 Gauge Steel material. It includes D-Ring Mounts and Sensor Holes making way for increased airflow and more tire clearance. If you are more into custom, it is equipped with removable light inserts for installed led light bars and cube lights.

Overall, it is said to be the combination of the best from the Premium and Vengeance series of Fab Fours. It comes in 3 styles which are base bumper, pre-runner bumper, and full grill guard. These bumpers are one of a kind as they offer the best-looking and functional bumper in the market. It can even withstand corrosion. How cool is that?

The Fab Fours Matric has a 2-year warranty and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It is truly the all-in-one bumper you can find.

The Fab Fours Matrix Grille Guard Front Bumper is the result of the combination of style and utility. It is worth noting about the winch which most truck enthusiasts look out for. With its 2 stages black powder coating, it can withstand corrosion. It also offers increased airflow and more tire clearance as these series feature.It has a light bar that you can customize where you can remove it and put another. 

Additionally, it has a place for sensors which are beneficial for a truck. Truck owners can accurately estimate the distance between an object and their truck with sensors. Moreover, it brings a feeling of safety and protection for both the truck and the owner.


Fab Fours Black Steel




Introducing one of the series from Fab Fours is Black Steel. These bumpers are made out of 14 Gauge Steel with a textured gloss black finish. It includes light mounts which you can customize according to your liking. It boasts tubular piping and tread-plate construction for improved performance.

Your truck is protected with this as they are designed to be high and tight. This heavy-duty aftermarket bumper got that mean look for your truck. There are 3 options for this series where all have cutouts at the bottom. This is to provide a place for tow hooks.

Once bought, it has a 1-year warranty. The combination of safety and sleek design resulted in this bumper.

The ranch bumper design is a well-known piece in the heavy-duty aftermarket bumpers community. But what if it improved, the smooth plate look has a unique look. Maintaining its high-quality steel bumper but improving its sleek look. 

The Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Front Bumper provides your front-end its durable and strong protection that you need. Because it’s coated with black powder, it can easily match the body lines of your truck. 

This aggressive-looking bumper will surely provide you the safety and style. Both of these can be achieved while looking at what Fab Fours did. Bolting this onto your bumper will be a good decision.


Make That Decision

Always keep in mind that looking for the best heavy-duty aftermarket bumper is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Just make sure that its features are perfect for your truck and you’re on your way to being a head-turner. 

If you need advice or any concerns, drop us a message. We at BumperStock are happy to assist you anytime. We are an authorized dealer of these brands, and we offer discounts! We got you covered. 

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