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It is widely known that the Ford F-series trucks have been the best-selling pickups in America for over 40 years straight! If an F-series is good, imagine what the Superduty F-series truck is like?

Chances are that if you are reading this article, you want to get a new bumper for your Superduty. But which one do you choose? Aftermarket truck bumpers are a dime a dozen nowadays, and knowing the right one to pick may feel like playing the lottery sometimes.

Luckily, has chosen some of the top Ford Superduty aftermarket truck bumpers for you to help make your decision that much easier.

“Made Ford Tough” is a great slogan that Ford has used for years. It is only fair that we choose the top four bumpers made to work as hard as your truck does. Let’s have a look at what your best options are.


1. Ranch Hand Legend

Ranch Hand Legend bumpers

With a name like Ranch Hand, you better believe that these bumpers are tough. Traditionally, to be a farmer meant that you had to get up and do your work every day, no matter what. The Legend series promises to work hard and never complain to you about the weather, pay, or anything else that a regular ranch hand might.

All Ranch Hand Legend Series bumpers are made from durable plate steel that is welded to perfection by some of the best craftsmen in the business. On top of that, the black powder-coated finish makes sure that no matter what you take your truck through, it won’t end up looking all bruised and battered after the first day.

Originating in the mid-’80s, Ranch Hand was one of the first manufacturers to enter the game, paving the road and setting the standards for many of the aftermarket truck bumper companies you see today. Remember. Legends are made, not born.


2. Steelcraft Elevation

Steelcraft bumpers Elevation series

By building one of the most durable aftermarket bumpers in the industry, this southern California company can offer a 2-year warranty on all of the bumpers they sell. Most other companies only offer a one-year warranty, making Steelcraft one of the most trusted names in the business.

Unlike other competitors, the Elevation series has a flat steel construction to keep with the modern, OEM lines of the Ford Superduty trucks. However, don’t think that this bumper is a slouch. It can hold its own in any situation, from the cold mountains of Montana to the swamps of Florida.

Steelcraft knows that customers like to modify their trucks. That is why they have built the Elevation Series to fit almost any 20” lightbar. With this option, you can see anything in front of you for hundreds of yards.

The bumper is completed by adding a matte black powder-coated and E-coated finish that will outlast even your truck.


3. Iron Cross HD

Iron Cross HD bumper

Iron Cross is committed to creating and keeping jobs right here in America. In a world where everything is outsourced, you can do your part to support the local economy, and upgrade the look of your truck at the same time.

The HD series bumpers are made from CNC laser-cut, 10-gauge steel. This means you can easily mount your favorite winch(up to 12,500 lb. capacity) without having to worry if the bumper is strong enough to handle it.

To finish it off, the bumpers have 4” recessed housings that allow you to mount your favorite aftermarket lights. BumperStock can even have a pair of custom lights or a winch pre-installed and ready for you. This way, when the bumper arrives, all that is left to do is install it!


4. Hammerhead bumpers

Hammerhead bumper

Last, but not least is the Low Profile Series from Hammerhead. Back in 2008, a group of employees from the Hol-Mac Corporation, which is known for making the highest quality heavy mining equipment, got together and started building bumpers. Today, Hammerhead is known for making some of the best aftermarket truck bumpers in the world.

This series is great for those who like the look and functionality of an aftermarket bumper, but don’t necessarily need the protection that a full brush guard bumper offers.

The company is so sure of its build quality, that no additional cutting, welding, or drilling is needed when it comes time to mount it on your Superduty. Add to that a 3/16” durable plate steel construction, and you got yourself a bumper that is made to be the king of the road, just like the hammerhead shark is the king of the ocean.


Final Words

So there you have it. The top bumpers for your Ford Superduty truck. No matter what you use the truck for, or how you want it to look, these four bumpers we have chosen are sure to satisfy everyone's needs.

BumperStock has worked so closely with each one of the companies mentioned above over the years, that it has been able to give you, the customer some unbelievable savings. This is what makes us one of the best aftermarket truck bumper suppliers on the internet!

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