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Westin is not just a bumper company, it is an entire lifestyle. The company was created in San Dimas, CA, and proudly makes all bumpers in-house. Along with their unique style and famous quality, Westin bumpers are quickly becoming one of the top brands for those who want quality, aftermarket bumpers for their trucks and Jeeps.

But the company isn’t just about bumpers. They are known for making various quality truck parts such as bull bars, side steps, nerf bars, standalone grill guards, winches, and LED lights. 

The good news is that Westin automotive has something for everyone’s style and needs. We’ll be going over each series in detail. That way, when it comes time to upgrade those stock, weak bumpers, you know exactly which model to go for. 


Pro Series 

You have to use professional tools if you want to get professional results. The Westin Bumper Pro Series is intended to give your truck a secure and safe place to mount a winch. It does all that while improving the look of your front end. A classic two birds, one stone scenario. 

On top of allowing you to mount a winch, Westing Bumpers Pro Series allows you to securely mount your favorite 20” lightbar without the need for extra modifications. Cool, right? Virtually unlimited features at the lowest possible price are amongst the many reasons that customers choose BumperStock.com over the competition. 

No matter if you are looking for a Westin Winch Front bumpers or something to spruce up your rear-end, the Pro series is perfect for you. Each Westin Bumper Pro series is made from durable 10-gauge steel. When push comes to shove, you know you are protected.

Pro Mod Series 

Take everything you know about the Westin Bumpers Pro series, crank it up to 11 and you get the Pro Mod Series. It has all the useful features of the Pro Series, but with a little sprinkle of increased ground clearance and a dash of improved approach angle. These features are perfect for the hardcore 4X4 enthusiast.

Like most other popular Westing bumpers, the Pro Mod Series is made from the highest quality 10-gauge steel and is factory E-coated. An available textured finish is also offered if extra protection is high on your list of needs. 

Getting your bottom end ripped out on a steep rock face is always going to equal a bad day, especially if you are miles from civilization. That’s why each Pro Mod Series Westin front bumper is available with a bolt-skid plate. A bad-ass-looking truck that can’t go anywhere is the ultimate paperweight. Don’t be that guy.

HDX Bandit 

We understand that trucks are made to be ridden hard and put away wet, at least that’s what old-time cowboys used to say about their horses. Westin Bumpers has created the HDX Bandit for those who need the ultimate, no-nonsense protection. 

This bumper has it all. Integrated bull bar, heavy-duty brush guard, unbeatable headlight protection, built-in 2” hitch receiver, and the list goes on. It perfectly follows the lines of your truck to give your entire front-end the face of a warrior and the protection of a knight’s armor. 

No matter if a deer or an entire nation is coming towards you, when you have the HDX Bandit you feel like you can take on the world. For those with newer trucks, Westin Bumpers have a built-in parking sensor and camera provisions so you don’t lose their functionality when replacing the stock bumpers.


The WJ2 Westin Winch Bumper is perfect for your Jeep Wrangles/Gladiator. Each angle, weld, and corner was designed to perfectly embody the lines and style of Willy’s classic jeep design. The WJ2 can mount your favorite winch with ease and comes in a variety of models. From Stubby to Full Sized, and anything in between, adding a Westin Front Bumper to your Jeep will increase the look of your 4X4 tenfold. 

It is available with a round, square, or even no bash bar and can be utilized with the factory fog lights if you choose to. The integrated light bar holder will accept most 20” LED lightbars without any added fuss. If you are going too hard and end up getting stuck, the recovery hooks have shackle mounts for easy tow strap attachment. 

By opting out for the Westin Bumpers WJ2 Subby front bumper, tires as big as your imagination can be put on without the fear of a bumper getting in the way. On top of that, the WJ2 Stubby still allows for a seamless winch integration that will make it look like it should have come from the factory like that came. Durability, check! Cool design, check! Usable shackle mounts, double-check! The Westing Winch Bumper will make your Jeep look amazing and perform even better out on the trails! There is a reason why Westin Bumpers are loved by so many Gladiator/Wrangler owners.


True outlaws live life by their own rules. They don’t take anything from anyone. Westin Bumpers has built the Outlaw to be unlike any other aftermarket bumper out there. Its style is like something out of a western movie. Classic yet modern. Functional yet low profile. 

It is the perfect bumper for anyone who plans to bomb down the desert plains at full throttle, no matter if you are running from or towards someone. The Outlaw Westin Front Bumper series is made from extremely durable, yet lightweight 14-gauge steel plating and has a huge 2” diameter tube frame. 

The integrated lightbar provision allows you to turn even the darkest night into day at the flip of a switch. And if that’s not enough Westin bumpers offer an optional light kit with auxiliary lights for visibility that will point out any obstacles for hundreds of yards ahead. 

Final Words

Westin is an all-American company that produces, designs, builds, and manufactures every product in-house. From bumpers to toolboxes and even winches, they do it all. The company has been in business for over four decades. If that doesn’t scream success, we don’t know what does. 

BumperStock.com is proud to work with a company that is dedicated to supporting the local economy and helping create new jobs. Doing all this while having some of the best prices on the market is no easy task, but we do it because we care about you, the customer.

If you have any questions regarding fit and finish or any other bumper replated doubts, give us a call at 844-827-4442 or send us a message today! Our staff is some of the most knowledgeable in the industry and our customer service reps are second to none!

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