Fab Fours Vengeance Description


Fab Fours Vengeance engineers always bring forth quality bumpers for everyone. They are using 3D design software to result to something great!

For those who want to achieve a killer looking ride, Fab Fours Vengeance bumper is just right for you. It does have a sleek design and coated with black powder. A premium steel sensor and its fit is high and tight and comes with lower cutouts to provide airflow for inter-coolers. It also comes with an integration of 20" LED light bar housing in the center and mounting options on each side for (2) 2" LEDs to give you maximum LED light coverage.

Made in the USA. Quality, Delivered On Time. Here at BumperStock - you are not just selecting a great choice of aftermarket bumpers for your truck, it also comes with free gifts and discounts along with your purchased desired products. Free and Fast shipping guaranteed!

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Rigid Industries 202113 3'' D-Series Flood Fog Light (1 Pair)

Bumpersock.com is 5 star customer service. Bumper itself is nice....

However, the bodyshop noticed a nail in the pallet had been riding across the bumper, so it had a large gouge in it. There were 2 other scuff marks as well that he documented for me. That was probably from the shipper. All and all, it was a very good experience. Iron Cross should have a little more attention to detail when placing product on the pallet. The shipping is my only issue. I'd give 4.5 overall.

Rear bumper

Arrived quickly and well packed in the box. Will follow up after install.

Deer catcher bumper

Don't have the bumper mounted yet, but looking forward to getting it on

Customer Care 😃

Hands down some of the best Customer Care that I have ever had. The Shipper in my location lost my Bumper, Haha have too laugh how you lose something that size is beyond me ( and I thought losing my car keys was a big deal ) anyway as sone as I made BumperStock aware of what happened they went into action to fine my bumper and get it delivered to me ASAP. But it has truly been lost so they have another bumper on its way. Great Job BumperStock 4x4 stars Thanks BumperStock your the best!!! Shawn G.