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No matter what you are planning to do with your truck, an aftermarket bumper becomes a necessity. Function, looks, durability, and so on are all benefits of off-road bumpers.

But are they worth it? Can I fit bigger wheels if I put on an off-road bumper? All of these questions and more will be answered in great detail so that you know if an off-road bumper is right for you.

Naming just seven benefits of aftermarket truck bumpers is a little challenging. There are so many reasons why folks would choose an aftermarket bumper. Of course, your needs and wants may be different from the next person. But there are hardly any downsides to putting on a quality off-road bumper on your pickup.

Let’s get down to the seven benefits of off-road bumpers. We promise you, this is a list you don’t want to skip!


1. Durability

Stock truck bumpers work fine if you don’t plan on doing anything fun with your vehicle. But as soon as you take it off-road, the signs are apparent. You are going to need a new bumper.

Companies like Ranch Hand, Steelcraft, and Fab Fours all pride themselves on making durable bumpers for sale. In most cases, heavy-duty plate steel is used to help make sure your truck is protected from pretty much anything. Couple that with a powder-coated finish and you are ready for war.

2. Style

Most truck manufacturers have taken into consideration that their bumpers are not the best to look at. Nowadays, an effort is made to incorporate the overall design language of the truck. It is no longer an afterthought.

However, sometimes you want to stand out. Being able to pick your rig out in an ocean of similar-looking trucks. An off-road bumper is a sure way of getting extra style points when it comes to modifying your 4X4.

3. Added Capability

Going anywhere is part of the job when owning a truck. Sadly, stock bumpers are a surefire way to limit your capabilities. From decreased ground clearance to plastic construction, OEM bumpers have always seemed to hold back the true potential of a truck.

If you want real capability, going with a set of off-road bumpers is the best option. From a full grille guard to less-aggressive low profile models, there is something out there for everyone. You just have to know your needs.

4. Versatility

A true go-anywhere truck needs to be versatile. It needs to be easily adaptable to any surroundings. Just like good camouflage, your bumpers should be able to become one with nature. At the same time, true off-road bumpers need to be agile. It should allow you to go anywhere without holding any drawbacks.

Yes, that sounds like a big list, but with enough research it is possible. And unlike unicorns, these bumpers can be found on BumperStock.com. Have a look for yourself and see the amazing selection of off-road bumpers available.

5. Increased Approach/Departure Angles

Any professional will tell you that without the proper approach/departure angle, you can’t get anywhere. Stock truck bumpers have their place in the world, but it isn’t on the trails.

Ask anyone who’s into rock crawling, or just 4x4-ing in general. They will tell you that having the right bumpers are a must. Lucky for you, there are many bumpers for this kind of specific sport.

6. Ability To Mount Aftermarket Accessories

Light Bars, winches, and tow hooks. Just about anything you can think of has been mounted to the front or rear truck bumpers. Some will even have “truck nuts'' hanging from the back. Stock bumpers will not even come close to providing the same kind of usability that an off-road bumper does.

It's not all for show either. Those big, oftentimes bulky-looking aftermarket bumpers do serve as a purpose. They are stronger than their stock counterparts. And they can serve as a mounting point for many popular accessories. Sure, you can mount a grille guard or winch tray to a stock bumper with enough persistence. But why would you when BumperStock has so many options?

7. Protection

We can all agree that having a little extra protection is never a bad thing. And just like in times of war, having a shield can help save you from any incoming danger. While chances of your truck seeing a bullet are slim, extra protection is never a bad thing.

Even something an innocent-looking tree branch can wreak havoc on your truck when off-roading. Any added protection is a good thing in our books. Quality aftermarket truck bumpers are made from the best steel and construction-grade piping. But how you bring these components together is also just as important. That’s why companies employ some of the best welders in the industry. Protecting your truck and ultimately yourself is not something to be taken lightly.

Final Words

Any truck used for off-roading should have a purpose-built bumper. Even if you want to get to your favorite fishing spot, an aftermarket bumper can help you get there safely. Stock bumpers will do fine on public roads. But as soon as the asphalt ends, that’s where flaws become apparent.

The models mentioned in this post can all be found on BumperStock.com at the lowest prices. From full ranch-style bumpers to sporty low-profile models, we’ve got you covered. For true off-roading, there is nothing that compares to a quality aftermarket bumper.

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