OEM vs Aftermarket Truck Bumpers

A truck should be an extension of one's self. It should do all the talking for you when pulling up to your local meet or when you go out on the trails each weekend. No matter what you do with your truck, one thing is for sure. Aftermarket truck bumpers are a must!

But what advantages do aftermarket truck bumpers offer over a stock one? Is it worth it? Will it really add more durability and go-anywhere drivability? You bet it will! BumperStock.com is dedicated to helping get your truck where others simply can’t. We have a wide variety of truck accessories from simple, low-profile bumpers to full brush guard models and even winches or lightbars.

OEM Bumpers 

Everything has a time and a place. But if it were up to us, there wouldn’t be a single truck left on the road with stock bumpers. There is nothing that an aftermarket bumper cannot do better than a stock one. To keep things as neutral as possible, we have created a list of pros and cons for OEM bumpers as well as aftermarket ones.


OEM bumpers do serve their purpose in the auto industry. In recent years, truck makers have made the bumpers that come from the factory look rather good and not just be an afterthought. Some higher-end trucks will even color match their bumpers so that it improves the overall look. 

Price is another pro of stock truck bumpers. In case the worst should happen, a replacement OEM bumper is much cheaper to buy than most aftermarket truck bumpers. If you went with a bumper like Ranch Hand, for example, chances are that it would have stood up much better to a fender bender. 


Let’s be real for a moment. There are several downsides to stock truck bumpers. Aftermarket bumpers are better from any way you look at them. But one of the top reasons that people get rid of their stock bumpers is because they want to make sure their truck will stand up to anything it may be put through. 

A stock bumper may work fine on city streets and even some backwoods leading up to your house, but when it comes to putting in real work, they just can't keep up. A good aftermarket company like Steelcraft, Iron Cross, and ADD have built their entire business on having front and rear bumpers that will outlast and outperform any stock bumper. 

Aftermarket Bumpers 

We are called BumperStock for a reason. Our company has been the leading supplier for some of the most recognized names in the industry for years. By upgrading those boring, stock bumpers, with aftermarket ones, we guarantee your truck will become much more capable and look 100 times more badass. 


Let’s start with the name. A bumper is made to protect your vehicle in case you “bump” into something. Sounds simple, right? But an aftermarket truck bumper is made to be much more than that. No matter if it is made from traditional steel or lightweight aluminum, it will be much stronger than any factory bumper.

Stock bumpers have never been much to look at, but aftermarket ones will make your truck stand out as soon as it gets installed. Couple that with some aftermarket lights and a new winch and your 4x4 will be able to go virtually anywhere. And if a zombie apocalypse becomes real, you can smash through all the BS with your new, durable aftermarket front bumper. 

Have you seen a stock bumper that allows you to mount accessories like winches, hitches, lights, and lightbars without needing additional modification? That’s right, none! Luckily, the bumpers we have on BumperStock.com can do all that and more. 

Finally, a quality aftermarket truck bumper will have a much more durable finish when compared to stock, painted or chrome versions. Most bumpers we sell are powder coated at least twice to make sure that your truck becomes as tough as your lifestyle. 


There aren't many downsides to an aftermarket truck bumper, but we are going to be as transparent as possible. BumperStock.com wants to provide you with as much info as possible before you pull the trigger on a new truck bumper or accessory.

Compared to OEM bumpers, aftermarket truck bumpers can be considerably heavier. The added weight is a necessary tradeoff if you want your truck to make it to the end of the glove and back in one piece, don’t you think? Most trucks weigh about 6,000 to 8,000 lbs., so what's an extra couple of hundred pounds, right? For most, a slightly heavier front bumper is the only way to make sure your truck makes it where others don’t. 

Another big difference between OEM and Aftermarket bumpers is the initial cost. While a stock bumper may cost less to buy, the chances of you scratching or cracking it are much higher. That is especially true if you do any hardcore work with your truck.

Final Words

Have you been thinking about getting a new bumper for your truck? No matter if you want more off-road capability, we are sure to have the perfect addition to your rig. If you like going out in the wilderness or just running errands around town, BumperStock.com has exactly what you need. The best part is that our prices are the lowest in the industry. Now you can get a matching rear bumper or that light bar you’ve always wanted that much faster.

Do you have any questions about fitment or anything else related to aftermarket truck bumpers? Our experienced staff is extremely knowledgeable and will help make your 4x4 the beast it was always meant to be. You can reach us at 844-827-4442 during regular business hours or call shoot us a message today!

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