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Aftermarket bumpers are a great way to get that look you’ve always wanted for your truck while giving you the added safety of a thicker, more robust steel bumper.

In a world where plastic is preferred due to its lightweight, having a heavy-duty bumper is often something that auto manufacturers do not put much thought into.

The reality is that new trucks are becoming more and more complex. They come with numerous sensors and cameras, all of which are intended to help you when parking or in the event of an accident. This technology is great but will be useless unless the aftermarket bumper you are buying will accommodate them.

BumperStock has several bumpers from some of the most renowned names in the industry. They include Steelcraft, Ranch Hand, and Iron Cross. Each bumper has a detailed description that will give you all the information needed to help you make your choice. If you want to make sure that a certain bumper will accept factory sensors, just get in touch with us and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Luckily, as trucks get more advanced, reputable bumper makers have released more and more bumpers that will work with factory safety equipment. After all, you paid for that equipment, so it is only fair that you should be able to use it, right?

Does Having A Bull Bar Get In The Way Of My Parking Sensors?

In some cases, yes. Having a bull bar can get in the way of certain safety systems like parking sensors. But to be honest, if you have a bull bar, are you going to need parking sensors? Chances are that you plan to use that bash bar, that’s why you bought that bumper style. In either case, a bull bar will end up coming in contact with an object first, therefore saving your bumper and possibly your truck.

While it is true that some bumpers may not work with some parking sensors or cameras the truck may have come with from the factory, we make sure to let you know beforehand. If you have any questions regarding safety equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will get everything straightened out.

Luckily, as trucks get more advanced, reputable bumper makers have more and more bumpers that will work with factory safety equipment. After all, what you paid for that equipment, so it is only fair that you should be able to use it.

Do All Steel Bumpers Cause Problems With My Parking Sensors?

Not at all. When this technology was in its infancy, the aftermarket bumper manufacturers would not sell bumpers that came ready to accept parking sensors. This meant that the owner or installer had to do some extra work to make them functional.

Now as pretty much every truck has parking sensors, cameras, etc., most reputable bumper makers such as Fab Fours and their Vengeance series will come with pre-drilled holes that are ready to accept the stock parking sensors. This way, your truck will retain all the fancy electronics and safety equipment.

Can I Add Parking Sensors To My Aftermarket Bumper?

Anything is possible, with enough money that is. In fact, some truck owners add aftermarket parking sensors for that extra peace of mind. The good thing is that this technology has been out for quite a while, therefore the prices have gone down significantly. Adding aftermarket parking sensors to one of our aftermarket bumpers is a really good way to stop your new bumper from getting all dinged up.

If your truck didn’t come with parking sensors from the factory, you can easily install a set of aftermarket ones on most of the bumpers we sell. In the case that you have already picked up a bumper with sensor provisions, make sure the parking sensors you are buying are the same or bigger in diameter than the mounting holes on the bumper. Alternatively, they can be bigger as the holes can be easily enlarged. Making them smaller, on the other hand, takes a lot more time and effort.

Final Words

Aftermarket bumpers are a must for almost anyone with a truck. No matter if you take it off-road or just use it to get around town. A quality aftermarket bumper from BumperStock will get your truck looking right.

If your truck came from the factory with parking sensors, chances are that we have several options for you. Each model we have listed on our site comes with an in-depth description that will mention whether or not they have sensor provisions.

However, if you have any further questions, we recommend getting in touch with our expert staff. You can send us a message or call us at 844-827-4442 today!

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