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If you are looking for a truck bumper that showcases your personality with outstanding quality, then Iron Cross is the best bumper for you! Iron Cross is the first manufacturer who made custom bumpers. The brand has brought an enduring appeal for the trucks. If you're dreaming about changing your stock bumper, then make sure to try out the Iron Cross truck bumpers. These bumpers for sale have a feature to prevent the front of your truck from injury. Each bumper is crafted with the utmost truck and attention to detail. 

Check out this article to know more about Iron Cross bumpers and why you should consider replacing your old truck bumper with versatile and worth-it Iron Cross bumpers. 

Why Choose Iron Cross Truck Bumpers?

The Iron Cross bumpers are famous for their tough and off the cuff looks straight out of the box. They are incredibly competent improvements that boost your truck's appearance and push it to the next level when it comes to results. From work/utility vehicle styling to durability and off-road aesthetics.

Iron Cross was constructed from the ground up with a strong steel structure, straight lines accenting but not overpowering the rig's look hand-welded for full strength. Iron Cross bumpers are powder coated with additional abrasion protection and impact protection to give you a particular degree of corrosion protection. Iron Cross defends the truck from necessary bumpers, push bars, and even full-grill guard bumpers with tie-in points and winch mounts.

Iron Cross Bumper Series

There are specific qualities and advantages from the four series of Iron Cross Truck Bumpers. Each features a winch mount along with a lightweight design that does not place excessive strain on your truck's suspension. Each was manufactured using precision CNC laser cutting, and all bumpers are coated with a beautiful textured Glossy Black finish or with Primer Only if you choose. Both front bumper versions have recessed housing for regular 4' lamps, and each bumper will be specially designed to the dimensions of the individual truck, regardless of its height.

Hardline Series

Iron Cross has done so again by coming up with several new designs for truck bumpers. These matte black bumpers would add uniqueness and make your truck stand out from the crowd. These bumpers are compliant with the Leviton 3-way sensor or can be painted to match your personality and style. They also have several lighting features that help you adjust the dashboard's lighting to your liking.

Heavy Duty Series

If you're roughing it on the road less traveled or speeding down city streets, your rig should be able to manage all kinds of road conditions while looking fine. The Iron Cross HD Front Bumper is the answer to any self-respecting truck driver's prayer, providing tough looks and optimizing your front-end safety. This is a very tough and sturdy suspension machine. It will give your truck a hard, off-road look and increase protection from the muddy or ashy road.

Iron Cross HD Front Bumpers have a regular winch mounting plate that embraces much of the 9,500 lb. winches and a range of 12,500 lb. winches (winches sold separately). Stronger than the typical bumper, these high-performance steel modifications are CNC laser-cut and completely welded for better structural integrity. Recessed installation holes will handle multiple 3.75" lights if it is for the actual nightrider.

Low Profile bumpers

If you plan to spend money on having a truck makeover, but don't want to risk getting one of those burly, giant bumpers, then the Iron Cross HD low profile front bumper is excellent for you. You can paint your bumper's aluminum pieces to match your truck's aesthetic, but black powder-coated ones are easily available if you want to. As a bonus option, the top also features D-Lugs for iron cross shackles if you need them.

Iron Cross HD low profile front bumper allows you to install either a 20" to 22" light bar or two six-inch lights in your bumper. The lights are not used when buying this vehicle. This robust 10 gauge bumper would stand up against any impacts. You'll be safer from collisions and speeding.

RS Series

It would be best if you searched for iron cross RS front bumpers that are styled with a low profile and highlighted by a textured finish primed black. Iron Cross RS front bumpers allow you to cover the front end. Although it has a small bracket and a 10-gauge steel shell, the RS series is more than just a low-profile casing while servicing is factored in. Effects, abrasions, and corrosion should not be a problem.

Additionally, the bumper is put on all about versatility. A class III hitch is built into the specification that allows the trap to be removed, sent over the front, used to trucks, or as a towing point. Two mounting positions support two 3" x 6" LED lamps.

How to Install Iron Cross Bumpers?

All Iron Cross bumpers come with a manual with complete directions for installation. These bumpers can be heavy to lift because of their scale and weight. When it comes to installing, to minimize damages or harm to the bumper and truck, it is advised that have someone who can assist with raising the bumper. They do come with a bolt-on mount package for basic mounting, no need for drilling. 

Iron Cross distributes products that are created to appear better than what is actually available. Drawing from years of practice in the aftermarket and the original equipment area of operation, Iron Cross gives us the best performing components possible by leveraging state of the art technologies in combination with old fashioned hard work. 

You cannot go wrong with brands like Iron Cross! Go out and get yourself an American made Iron Cross truck bumper and make your truck the baddest rig on and off the lane. Each Iron Cross bumper is specially designed and constructed to suit the vehicle's particular make and model. These bumpers are absolutely one of the great choices this 2021. So what are you waiting for? Plan out your truck bumper design now and have it customed!

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