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Since the mid-80s when the very first bumper came out, Ranch Hand has become one of the top names for truck bumpers. No matter if you're off-roading, working on the farm, or just want a bumper that looks cool, Ranch Hand is the way to go.

We have a wide variety of Ranch Hand that will fit anybody's needs. Need the full protection of something like the Summit series? We got you!

How about something sleeker-looking like the Midnight series? BumperStock has that too! Our wide selection of Ranch Hand Bumpers is sure to have something for everyone's taste, budget, and needs.

Let's go over some of the reasons that make people choose Ranch Hand over any other aftermarket bumper.

Why Go With a Ranch Hand?

With a name like Ranch Hand, you better believe each bumper is made to last. Initially, they were only meant for hard-working farm trucks, but the brand’s durability has skyrocketed it into the mainstream market.

Nowadays, everybody has an aftermarket bumper on their truck, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is good. Here is what makes these bumpers stand out from the rest:

Tried and Tested

With over 35 years of experience, you know they are doing something right. That’s right, Ranch Hand was started way in 1986, back when big hair and tight spandex were acceptable attire. Come to think about it, that is still normal today.

Over its lifetime, the company has introduced safety innovations that have helped them secure a spot as one of the best aftermarket manufacturers. Getting a new bumper should be an upgrade, not something that will have your truck worse off than the original.

Easy To Install

We know you’re a DIY kind of person. Installing any bumper stamped with the Ranch Hand name can still be done with the help of common hand tools, like those that have been sitting around collecting dust for some time in the back of your shop.

You just need a good Ranch Hand(see what we did there?) to help get it in place. Other than that, no cutting, fabrication or welding, is required.

Amazing Protection

When it comes to protection, nothing beats Ranch Hand. Each bumper, no matter the model, is made from only the best quality steel and welded by some of the finest craftsmen this industry has to offer.

Diamond plate steel has been used on heavy machinery and tractor-trailers for years. It is the main reason the company has chosen to use it over regular plate steel. These little details are what help give you one of the toughest and most durable bumpers in the business!

Ranch Hand Series

BumperStock has a bumper style fit for everyone's truck and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you have an F-150, Ram 2500, or Silverado HD, we got you covered.

From the classic Summit series that offers ultimate front-end protection to something more lowkey, like the Midnight, Ranch Hand’s lineup has exactly what you need.

Legend Series

Trucks are made for work, and the Legend series will make sure your modern workhorse goes down in history as nothing less than legendary.

Made specifically for 3/4-ton and up trucks, the Legend series has serious heavy-duty features. Diamond plate steel has become a calling card for the company, so it only makes sense that they use it for these sturdy bumpers.

Couple that with industrial-grade, Schedule 40-piping, and your truck is ready for battle; no matter if that battle is on the ranch or out on the open road.

Sport Series

The Sport Series is meant to give trucks a slightly edgier sporty look. Think of it like a linebacker in football. It isn’t meant to be the fastest, but it can sure take a hit!

Like many of their models, diamond plate checkered steel is front and center alongside regular plate steel for better looks.

It is designed as the Summit’s tougher, lighter brother. The good news is that these front bumpers can accommodate winches up to 16,500 lbs., so you can get yourself, or anyone else for that matter, out of a sticky situation with ease.

Midnight Series

The night is full of unknowns. Lucky for you, the Midnight series has enough lighting options that will turn even the darkest evening into daytime.

As a bonus, Ranch Hand has dedicated this series to be the lightest of them all. It took as much weight as possible off without impacting durability. On average, they are only 175 lbs, so you can load up on all the lightbars and winches you want without worrying about your front-end being too heavy.

Summit Series

Undoubtedly one of the most popular of them all, the Ranch Hand Summit series is a classic. It has that unique style the company has now become famous for.

As usual, diamond plate steel and the integrated bull bar make themselves at home in the center of the bumper. This way, it is ready to take on virtually anything.

Features such as a frame-mounted, one-piece design all add up to be one of the most durable aftermarket bumpers in the world.

Although initially designed for the 1/2-ton platform, its popularity has prompted the company to make the Summit series available for 3/4-ton and even one-ton trucks!

Final Thoughts

The Ranch Hand name has always been synonymous with hard-working American trucks. From their very first bumper back in 1986 to the latest Ford F-150, the company has something to offer for everyone and every lifestyle.

BumperStock is proud to be a distributor of Ranch Hand bumpers. Our long-lasting relationship with the Texas-based Bumper manufacturer means that we can give you some of the lowest prices out of anyone.

On top of that, our experienced staff is waiting to answer any questions you might have, be it about fitment, finish, or anything else you might come up with. Give us a call at 844-827-4442 or send us a message today!

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