Why Are Ranch Hand Bumpers In Demand?

December 28, 2020 4 min read

Truck owners purchase aftermarket bumpers for a range of purposes—some people like the appearance, some like them because of the versatility and added protection.

Since 1986, Ranch Hand has been known as a trademark of the truck accessory industry's best bumpers. Their design, manufacturing, and durability of products have opened the door to the market of heavy truck accessories. Ranch Hand sells a complete range of high-quality truck hardware from half-ton, grille guards, front bumper, repair units, rear bumpers, headache racks, winch fastening systems as well as walking steps for the full-size Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge pick-up and sports trucks.

Why Choose Ranch Hand Bumpers?

Proven and tested

As a truck owner, you would probably choose a bumper brand with a good track record because of its durability and overall performance. Well, Ranch Hand was one of the first successful manufacturers of truck bumpers. With the team's knowledge and expertise, you can guarantee that the truck bumpers they produced are reliable and stunning!

Full protection

Ranch Hand's highest priority is full protection. In the truck accessories industry, the manufacturer has developed a good reputation for producing the finest items meticulously crafted for durability. You can confidently travel knowing that you and your family are safe behind the power of the bumpers.

Every single bumper replacement is designed to match the style of your truck. The manufacturer upgrades and conforms to the design of the newly-released truck vehicles. Ranch Hand makes a truck bumper that matches the taste of the truck owner.

Easy Installation

Installing Ranch Hand bumpers is an easy job. No drilling is needed. Remove your old bumper, and bolt your new Ranch Hand bumper. An easy job is done!

Ranch Hand Bumper Series


The Ranch Hand Legend Series is unsurpassed in quality and style. The Legend Front and Back Bumpers are made for 3/4 ton and larger trucks and consist of a 4" schedule of 40 pipes and a diamond plate of steel. These bumpers have been designed to replace a delicate factory bumper with a robust steel piece that will last the vehicle's life.

Built for 1/2 ton and larger trucks, the Legend Grille Guard is the original emblem of the vehicle safety industry and is a durable steel piece of steel that suits your truck's frame to provide optimum strength and security.


The Sport Series has been produced with the same unmatched consistency and quality as other Ranch Hand products. Designed from a molded channel and a diamond plate of steel, the front bumper will support up to a 16,500 lb Warn winch. The Sport Series Back Bumper is also a companion front bumper for the Summit Front Bumper providing a lighter weight option to the Legend Series. Great for both personal trucks, the Sports Series is for work and adventure use. 


Ranch Hand's Midnight was made for those of you who do what you do. Midnight is a complete fit, 3/16" thick, seamless steel front-end replacement buffer with approximately 175lbs. Midnight is our lightest stumbler to date without upsetting the Ranch hand stumbler standards.

The brightest attribute of Midnight is how it suits your truck front. The tightest match you find is an extremely versatile, slim, violent bumper.

Your truck is perfect, and because it's all about your personality. If you want the capacity to fit light bars, light caps, custom inserts, or a winch for your vehicle, we have it for you! This product enables you to create your regulations for either a grill guard or a bumper's lower profile aesthetics.

Midnight is Ranch Hand's most personalizable bumper ever made, with options that allow you to place the smallest information on a bumper into your personal touch.


The Summit Series Front Bumper offers excellent safety while providing a distinct look relative to the Legend Series. The rigid steel body for the diamond plate and its complementary grill guard or bullnose are a unit and are fitted with a frame that ensures the steel bumper is stable. 

This bumper is made especially for half-ton trucks. It is frame-mounted and is a durable steel one-piece design. The bumper’s main body is made of a diamond plate of steel and the barbell guard section offers the protection of the wraparound headlight. The Summit Front Bumpers Replacement has become popular in every use.


Ranch Hand's newest addition to the already impressive group is the Ranch Hand Horizon Front Bumper. Not every situation or truck needs a grille guard and rough diamond plate, so Ranch Hand replaced it with a matte powder-coated luxury bumper of 7 gauge smooth steel. This offers you the best of all worlds: top security and a badass look!

Ranch Hand Features

Ranch Hand offers several types of bumpers, which completely change the appearance and function of vehicles. Add security and protection to your vehicle by purchasing custom blind bumpers. Here are details on all available front bumper options and their features.

Front Bumpers with Grille Guard

  • Truck's most protective coverage
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Available in 3 different series: Legend, Summit, Sport




Bullnose Front Bumpers

  • Designed for off-road trucks
  • Can be customized 
  • Available in 4 different series: Legend, Summit, Horizon, Sport




Winch Ready Front Bumper

  • Can accommodate up to a 16,500 lb Warn winch
  • Built from ¼" formed channel
  • Offer a 2" receiver
  • Available in grille guard replacement or bullnose style




Smooth Steel Front Bumper

  • Sleek lines & contoured design
  • Made of 7-gauge smooth metal
  • LED lights
  • The optional bull bar for added protection

Final Thoughts

Ranch Hand continues to do what it is meant to do, and that is to help others. The improvement made in expansion, design, and manufacturing has ensured that our truck bumpers have the highest performance and durability levels. Undeniably, Ranch Hand bumper is the best replacement bumper you’ll ever need. From smooth trips to adventurous ones, these bumpers will really awe you with their perfect features. Indeed, Ranch Hand is a great choice!

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