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Today, having a truck is more than just a workhorse. Initially, trucks were supposed to be just a tool, but nowadays it is much more than that. 

The saying: “you have to have the right tool for the right job” is something that will resonate with all truck owners. In today’s market, the common truck has become loaded with fancy materials and the latest technology. Of course, all of these features are nice, but when it comes to durability, some people seem to think that trucks have become soft.

The truth is that modern trucks have never looked better. However, there is always room for improvement, and one of the most common improvements owners like you and me do to a truck is increasing its appearance.

Replacing the stock, and in some mostly plastic bumper that comes with many modern trucks does not only make it meaner, but it also adds to its functionality. After all, what is the point of having a truck if you are not going to use it how it was originally intended?

We have created the ultimate guide to end all guides for aftermarket truck bumpers. prides itself on having a bumper for almost every truck and everyone’s budget. More about truck bumpers you can read in this updated post.

No matter if you want a stealthy look with a low profile bumper or something that will stop anything that it comes in contact with, we are sure to have what you’re looking for.


If you want protection from an unavoidable wildlife collision on the highway, or just need something that will stand up in a rough and tough environment, we got you covered.

An aftermarket bumper will indeed add some weight to your rig, but what’s an extra couple of pounds on something that already weighs 6,000 lbs.?

If weight is a concern, we do offer some aluminum alternatives to keep your gross vehicle weight in check.

But in our opinion, you would be better off leaving your “big-boned” friends at home when doing some heavy hauling.


A bumper is just a piece of metal. The finish is what helps bring it all together and really shows off the style. Every manufacturer regardless of style will agree that a bumper isn’t a bumper until a finish is added.

Most aftermarket bumpers nowadays are powder coated and we think that it is the best option. But if everything was the same, the world would be boring. Believe it or not, you can get bumpers in a raw finish as well. They are mostly intended for the guys doing the over-the-top custom builds that you might see at SEMA every year.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about why most bumper companies opt for a powder-coated finish. To keep it simple, powder coating is essentially paint that gets baked on. By doing this, you get a finish that will not only look good but will stand up to much more than regular paint.

The powder coating process is unique as it literally grabs onto the metal it is applied to. Regular paint, or wet paint as the pros call it, is applied at room temperature and in much thinner layers.

For everyday use, going with a powder-coated bumper is ideal. Then again, if you want to stand out in a crowd, get it custom painted. However, you can’t go wrong with a classic, black finish. Even the late Johnny Cash would tell you that.

Without getting too technical, there are bumpers available in a raw or painted finish, but most choose a powder-coated finish because it is really strong!


Bumper Styles

We, here at pride ourselves on having one of the biggest selections of aftermarket bumpers out there. Having the power to pick from several models is very important when it comes to making your truck look like nothing else on the road.

We are going to break down every model available in this section to help make your choice that much easier. Our mission is to show you that both style and function can be had in a bumper, no matter if you are using your truck for work or play.


Bumpers with Full Grille Guard

Steelcraft bumpers HD Replacement

Steelcraft HD Replacement

Steelcraft made the HD Replacement series for those who want the maximum amount of protection. Steelcraft made sure to use only the strongest materials when building the HD Replacement so that branches, wildlife, or anything else you might come across won't stand a chance.

No matter how you look at it, you will see that this bumper is made to last. Schedule 40 pipe is used because it will be much more resistant to impact when compared to others. Pair that with punched grille plate and you got an upper section that not only looks mean but can do its job without even breaking a sweat.

The bottom half of the bumper is built using durable diamond plate steel and adds to the overall industrial look of the bumper. Steelcraft makes sure that all the bells and whistles like adaptive cruise control and front emblem cameras (if equipped) your truck came with will continue to function without problems.  


Steelcraft bumpers Elevation Series

Steelcraft Elevation

Just like their other series, the Elevation Series makes sure that these bumpers will be as tough as they look. Durable plate steel and Schedule 40 piping are used to make sure you get a quality piece, and the overall design of the bumper makes for a modern, yet functional look.

We know that protecting your headlights and grille is important for you, that’s why Steelcraft made sure to keep them as safe as possible with the Elevation Series. You may not the added protection daily, but if you can avoid having to pay for a headlight or radiator just once, you know you’ve made the right choice.

Integrated lightbar supports allow you to mount your favorite 20” lightbar without any extra modification. This, along with other useful features such as being able to keep your factory tow hooks is what has made Steelcraft a premier bumper brand.


Hammerhead bumper X series

Hammerhead X Series

There is no question that Hammerhead makes some meanest-looking bumpers out there. But looks aren’t everything, and making a bumper work as hard as it looks is just as important. The X-series has all the protection you could ever want from an aftermarket bumper while still keeping a modern appearance.

Using 3/16” plate steel is no doubt going to going to give you a strong bumper. By reinforcing it in key areas, you get one of the strongest aftermarket bumpers while still being as light as possible.

And don’t think that the grille guard is just some cheap chicken wire either. It is made from 11-gauge steel that makes sure nothing harms your cooling system, no matter the size.

Hammerhead employs some of the best welders in the industry. They have AWS D1.1 certification, which means they are the cream of the crop when it comes to welding. Yes, the wait time might be longer than other manufacturers, but good things do not happen overnight.


Ranch Hand Legend Series

Ranch Hand Legend Series

Being the best-selling aftermarket truck bumper company doesn’t come easy, but Ranch Hand has done it. Years of experience making bumpers have paid off for them. 1986 was the first time that a Ranch Hand bumper was fitted to a truck, and things have only gotten better since then.

This series is made specifically for ¾-ton and up trucks that need extra protection out in the field or on the farm. Only the best materials such as 4” schedule 40 pipe were used when building the Legend Series. On top of that, diamond plate steel is used to improve the overall durability and the rugged look of the bumper.

A quality bumper should fit right every time, and Ranch Hand makes sure of that. Every Legend Series will mount in the OEM position of the factory bumper without needing any additional modification. Remember, a legend isn’t born, it’s made!


Bumpers with Pre-Runner Guard

Bull bar, push bar, ram bar, bumper bar, or even moose bar for you Canadians. Whatever you call it, there is no doubt that a push bar looks right at home on a truck, but did you know it is also functional? Initially, the push bar was made out of necessity for trucks that would need added protection while working.

Over time, it became its own style and is now a popular front-end addition that can be seen on all trucks. No matter if you buy a pre-runner guard bumper simply because it looks cool or because you don’t want to trash your truck in case of a small collision, our huge selection of push bar bumpers has got you covered!


Hammerhead bumper with pre-runner guard

Hammerhead Bumpers with Pre-Runner Guard

Much like the shark with the same name, Hammerhead bumpers are as tough as they look. Top that with a pre-guard style and you have a combination that will go through anything. Hammerhead bumpers are truly meant for work but look right at home in a parking lot as well.

A 3/16” steel construction with crucial reinforcement points means that weight is as low as possible down while durability is kept at an all-time high. Although they have a simple, minimal design, when it comes down to it, they are one of the most durable bumpers in the industry.

Hammerhead knows that the brush guard needs to be the strongest part of the bumper since it will be the first point of contact in most situations. That is why they used only the best 1.75” x .120” wall tubing available. Everything is finished with a 2-stage black powder coat finish to make sure it looks as tough as it is.


Ranch Hand Bullnose bumper

Ranch Hand Bullnose Bumpers

It should come as no surprise that the #1 aftermarket bumper manufacturer makes the best Bullnose bumpers in the game. Adding a bullnose to an already tough bumper only cements the Ranch Hand name as being one of the greatest.

As usual, it is made with some of the best diamond plate steel in the industry and will look right at home on any work site. Ranch Hand chose to use schedule-40 pipe for the bullnose piece due to its legendary strength. When they make a bumper, functionality comes first, and the good looks are just a bonus.

The company knows that their bumpers are the first line of defense for most trucks and are proudly made to last right here in Texas. From the finish to the steel quality, we’re sure you won’t find a better-performing bumper anywhere else.


Fab Fours Vengeance bumper

Fab Fours Vengeance

The dictionary defines the word vengeance as a punishment inflicted or retribution for an injury or wrong. That is exactly what you will see when you set your eyes on the Fab Fours Vengeance Bumper Series. It is ready for business no matter what truck you put it on.

Of course, looks mean nothing if you can’t do the job, right? To make sure the bumper will stand up to anything that may come in its way, the folks at Fab Fours only used the best craftsmen and materials when making them.

However, form and function should go hand in hand, so Fab Fours incorporated a “high and tight” design to make sure the bumper has the best airflow and provide the best tire clearance.


Fab Fours Matrix front bumper

Fab Fours Matrix

Much like the other Fab Fours bumpers, the Matrix series is made to look mean and work as hard as you do. Its aggressive design will fit any truck, new or old.

Let’s face it, bumpers on trucks can sometimes look boring and in some cases seem like an afterthought. But Fab Fours makes sure that you are seen from miles away. But being seen does nothing if you can't see where you are going. That’s why Fab Fours makes sure your favorite light bar and aftermarket fog lights can be installed easily.

You need bigger tires if you want to go off the beaten path and Fab Fours knows that. The Matrix series makes sure you can mount larger tires without having to chop up your brand-new bumper. On top of that, the lower cutout makes for improved airflow, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket for more upgrades.


Iron Cross Hardline bumper

Iron Cross Hardline

An iron cross is the definition of toughness. It is only right that this bumper manufacturer decided to use it as their logo. Over time, this all-American company has proven that they can stand on top with the big boys.

Just like their other models, the Iron Cross Hardline Series Bumpers are made to stand up to whatever you might dish out at it. Every bumper is made from top-quality steel and welded to perfection. The bullbars are mandrel-bent and made from extra thick pipe.

Iron Cross knows that personalizing your truck is important to you. That is why they made the Hardline Series with numerous light options so you can have a bumper that is custom to your truck. To further allow customization, the bumper is available in a matte black finish as well as a primer upon request. 


Bumpers with No Guard

Not everyone needs the full protection of bumper with a grille guard or the added weight that comes with it. Maybe you aren’t taking your truck off-road through heavy brush, or maybe you need to have a stealthier-looking vehicle.

Regardless of what the reason might be, BumperStock offers many varieties of bumpers without a grille guard.

Sure, added protection around the grille and headlights may be right for some, but for those that aren’t out in the boonies every day, it might be a waste of money.

Here is a list of the most popular bumpers without a guard currently for sale on BumperStock:


Steelcraft Fortis bumper

Steelcraft Fortis

If this series had a motto, it would be simple, yet effective. The Steelcraft Fortis Series Bumpers brings together the benefits of a stronger aftermarket bumper that people want, without any of the added bells and whistles.

Even though it may look simple, don’t think for a minute that it isn’t tough. You can expect the same quality from the Fortis Series that can be seen on any bumper Steelcraft makes. Features like a 6-gauge plate steel construction are just one of the things that make it one of the best bumpers in the industry.

A fully welded construction and textured matte finish mean that you have a product that you can bet your truck on. A bumper is meant to be tough, and the Fortis Series delivers on that.


Fab Fours Vengeance bumper

Fab Fours Vengeance

We get it, less is more. Today’s new trucks do most of the talking for themselves. In-your-face styling is everywhere. But sometimes, a front bumper doesn’t need to be so over the top. This is where the Fab Fours Vengeance Series fits in perfectly.

It is the perfect aftermarket bumper for the owner that wants to make a statement but doesn’t want to have a truck that screams look at me.

From far away, it may seem like a regular bumper, but come closer it will become clear that it is the furthest thing from stock. From six-gauge steel construction to a two-stage powder-coated finish, everything about this bumper makes you think durability.


Iron Cross RS Series bumper

Iron Cross RS Series

The Iron Cross RS Series is perfect for those wanting to keep a low profile. However, keeping a low profile does not have to be boring. You can still have a unique-looking truck without attracting too much attention.

You will never find a stock bumper made from 10-gauge steel or having a class III 2” receiver hitch on it, but you will with the RS Series.

For that added sleek look, a flip-down license plate kit is also available. Maybe you want to make sure it isn’t damaged in certain situations or you just want to play James Bond for the day, we are not one to judge. What is important is that you have that choice.


Core Features

You need the right tool for the right job, right? That is exactly why you need the right aftermarket bumper for your truck. Maybe you are going off the beaten path by yourself and need a way to get out of trouble if you get stuck. Maybe your rig is used for towing, or maybe you just want the added protection of a bulbar.

We don’t know what you are using your truck for, but we do know that we have a bumper for any occasion. It's like having a pair of steel-toe boots. You don’t know when you will need them, but when you do, you'll be glad you had them.


Winch-Ready Bumpers

There are many reasons that someone like yourself would go with a winch. BumperStock knows this and we have winch-ready bumpers from many manufacturers to fit everyone’s budget and style.


Ranch Hand Legend bumpers winch-ready

Ranch Hand Legend

With a name like Ranch Hand, it shouldn’t be surprising that the company has a bumper that will fit your favorite winch. The Legend Series makes sure that your ¾-ton and up truck won’t remain stranded in the woods.   

Ranch Hand made their bumpers to be used out on the wild. The appropriately named Legend Series promises to help keep you on the road, even when the road gets tough.


Hammerhead bumper winch-ready

Hammerhead Winch-ready Bumpers

Hammerhead has several winch-ready bumpers for those serious about being out in the wild. Having a winch is like having good insurance. It gives you the added confidence of knowing you can get out of most situations.

Just like the shark, Hammerhead bumpers have proven year after year that they are at the top of the food chain.

Iron Cross HD

The term “heavy-duty” is used more and more in today’s truck market, but when Iron Cross labels a bumper with the HD stamp, you better believe it is made to take a beating. Heavy-duty is not a term that the company takes lightly.

All the Iron Cross HD bumpers offered on BumperStock are meant for ¾-ton and up trucks and will support winches with a capacity of up to 12,500 lbs!

Steelcraft Elevation Bullnose

Durable, flat steel construction. Top of the tine E-coat finish. LED lightbar capability. These are all features that can be used to describe the Steelcraft Elevation Series Bumpers. A bumper is as good as its weakest link, and the Elevation Series is ready to help get you out of trouble if you ever need it.

Not only do you have the option of mounting your favorite winch on this bumper, but you get the protection of a bull bar in case anyone or anything decides to go head-on with your truck.


Ranch Style Bumpers

It is no doubt that farmers are some of the hardest working people out there. They are responsible for getting your food on the table.

There is no room for flimsy equipment out on a ranch. If you want your equipment to last, you have to make sure it is properly protected.

Our various ranch-style bumpers are designed to not only keep your truck shielded, but will also improve its looks. From Steelcraft to Fab Fours and even Ranch Hand, BumperStock has you covered.

Ranch Hand Summit Series

With a name like Ranch Hand, it should come as no surprise that these bumpers we born to work hard. The Summit Series will protect your truck from anything it may come in contact with.

Unlike other bumpers, Ranch Hand makes theirs for working trucks. Diamond plated durable steel construction and a full grille guard are just some of the elements that make them one of the best in the industry.

Steelcraft HD Replacement Series

One look at this series and you know it’s made to get down and dirty. Choosing a bumper for your heavy-duty truck has never been easier. You have everything from full headlight protection to a diamond plate and Schedule 40 pipe construction.

Just in case you have any doubts about durability, Steelcraft offers a two-year warranty, whereas the competition will only give you one year.

Fab Fours Black Steel Series

You can’t go wrong with a Fab Four aftermarket bumper, no matter which one you choose. The Fab Fours Black Steel Series will protect your truck like no other bumper can. You have the option of a full guard or no guard at all, but either way, you get a strong bumper that doesn’t back down when confronted with a challenge.

Does your truck have adaptive cruise control? No problem! How about a 360-camera system? Yup, we got that covered as well. Just because work in a tough environment doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy modern-day amenities. The Black Steel Series allows you to use all the fancy features your truck has.


Collision Defence (Deer Catchers)

If you live out in the country, you no doubt have seen your fair share of deer or another kind of wildlife dart across the road. Anyone will tell you that if you come in contact with any animal while doing any more than 5mph, you are sure to do some significant damage to your truck.

Unfortunately, wildlife collisions do happen, and they can seriously injure you or your passengers. This is why BumperStock offers a wide range of collision defense bumpers from your favorite aftermarket bumper companies. We want you to be safe, and a tough, durable aftermarket bumper will help in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

HammerHead X Series

Full protection is an absolute necessity in case of a wildlife collision. In that split second, you may not have the option to avoid the unavoidable.

Luckily, the HammerHead X Series offers the ultimate front-end protection for your truck. At the end of the day, it is either you or the animal, and there is a reason why we are at the top of the food chain. Having that added protection may mean driving home or not getting home at all, the choice is yours.

Ranch Hand Sport and Legend Series

Having an extra hand when you need it is great, but having an extra level of protection when you don’t expect it can be vital. No one plans to get into an accident; however, Ranch Hand knows that is it might happen.

Both the Sport and Legend Series are made to take the grunt of a wildlife impact while leaving your truck with as little damage as possible. No one knows when or how it may happen, but if you are prepared for it, the chance of serious damage is greatly reduced.

Steelcraft HD Replacement

No matter if it’s a rabbit or a moose, at highway speeds both can do some heavy damage. In the unfortunate case of a wildlife collision, the Steelcraft HD Replacement series will keep you and your truck protected.

Schedule 40 piping and diamond plate steel are just some of the features that make the HD Replacement Series one of the best collision defense Bumpers out there.


Price Range

You have to pay to play. That age-old saying has never been more relevant. With so much choice in today’s aftermarket bumper world, it can be hard to tell if you are getting a good deal or just getting ripped off.

The good news is that BumperStock has a bumper for everyone’s taste and budget. We understand that not everyone is made of money, but getting a good product shouldn’t hurt your wallet.


Affordable ($900-$1,300)

That’s right, you can get an aftermarket, quality bumper starting at just $900. Top-rated manufacturers such as Steelcraft, Ranch Hand, and Iron Cross have bumpers starting just under $1000 for those looking to save some money.

Steelcraft Bumpers

Your truck doesn’t have to suffer just because you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on protecting it. There are good deals out there, and sometimes they are just under your nose.

Steelcraft offers a wide variety of affordable bumpers under $1,300, from the Fortis Series to the HD Replacement Series, which offers the best total protection.

Ranch Hand Summit Series

Ranch Hand is widely known as one of the toughest aftermarket bumpers in the game. It wasn’t easy to get that title, but they managed to do it.

Luckily, a hard-working bumper doesn’t come with a price that will make your jaw drop. The truth is that you can still find good deals out there if you look hard enough. Ranch Hand has made sure the Summit Series give your front-end all the protection you need out in the field, without feeling like you just got robbed for your money.

Iron Cross

No matter the vehicle brand you are loyal to, the famous 4-pointed star has a bumper for you. Iron Cross makes aftermarket truck bumpers for most trucks.

Our exclusive relationship with Iron Cross allows us to give you the lowest prices in the industry from a company you know and love. Top-quality steel and a high-end powder-coated finish make sure that all Iron Cross bumpers will stand the test of time.


Mid-Range ($1,300-$2,000)

Your truck can look like a million dollars without having to spend that. Our mid-priced aftermarket truck bumpers are the best compromise of price and features.

Just like every other bumper we sell, quality is not something that we put a price on. Every bumper, no matter the price, is made from top-quality materials to make sure you get your money’s worth.


Why be a small fish when you can be a full-on shark? It seems like all trucks look alike nowadays, but putting on a Hammerhead bumper will make your vehicle stand out and help keep you protected.

Low profile Hammerhead bumpers are perfect for those that want a high-quality product but don’t want that in-your-face style that other bumpers offer.

Fab Fours Black Steel

Everything about the Fab Fours Black Steel series bumpers screams toughness. They are made to work hard, and that they do. You get a bumper that will put in overtime out in the field and clean up nice when you want to take it out on the town.

From 14-gauge treadplate steel construction to welds that are held to the highest standards, the Black Steel Series won’t let you down. On top of that, they are available in a variety of styles to match your specific needs. Fab Fours proves that you don’t need to spend top dollar to get top quality.

Ranch Hand Legend and Sports Series

Getting into a sport can be an expensive investment. Luckily, the Ranch Hand Legend series doesn’t leave you out of breath when you see the price. BumperStock has worked hard and long to get you the very best price on the market so you don’t have to.

Just like the Sport Series, the Legend Series is another great example of value for money. It takes a long time to become a legend, but once you do, no one can take that away from you. To have legendary status means to make bumpers that will look great and keep up with the stress your ¾-ton or 1-ton sees daily.


High-End Bumpers ($2,000-up)

For those who want the very best of everything, our high-end aftermarket bumpers make sure your baby gets nothing but the best. A new bumper may be a necessary purchase for some, while for others it is a way to tell the world that you’ve made it.

No matter the reason for getting a new bumper, BumperStock has the best selection of bumpers at unbeatable prices.

Fab Fours Matrix

When the Matrix debuted in 1999, the world saw something that many other movies now compare themselves to. Just like the movie, Fab Fours made sure the Matrix series is one of the best bumpers out there.

Yes, they may cost more than some competitors, but good things don’t come cheap. The sharp angles and modern design make the Matrix Series look like nothing else out there. Luckily, the way they look is only half the story, and the flawless build quality makes them worth every penny.

Fab Fours Vengeance

Keeping with the Fab Fours lineup, the Vengeance Series bumpers will make your haters that much more jealous. Trucks can work hard and look good doing it, just add a Vengeance Series bumper. The “high and tight” fit will make it look like it was custom-made for your truck.

Let’s face it, an aftermarket bumper says a lot about you. If you want a bare-bones, don’t care-if-I-wreck-it-style bumper, there are plenty of other options out there. For those that will not settle for anything but the best, a Fab Fours Vengeance Series bumper is for you!

Road Armor

Road Armor has managed to do what has not been done for a long time. From far away, all bumpers look alike, but Road Armor bumpers promise to make your truck one of a kind.

They are made from CNC laser cut, 3/16” heavy steel used on construction sites. That kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, but will easily outlast the competition in the long run.

They are the originators of the smooth steel bumper and have stayed relevant over the years by building their quality bumpers right here in the USA. If you want a product that supports the local economy and keeps everyone’s eyes planted on your truck, go with Road Armor.


Final words

So, there you have it, the ultimate aftermarket shopping guide. No matter if you are looking to get something rugged for your work truck, or the ultimate bumper for your show truck, BumperStock’s insane variety will surely have something for you.

We work closely with many aftermarket truck manufacturers to bring you the best prices on the market. By doing business and creating relationships with every manufacturer, we can proudly pass on the saving to you, the customer.

Our customer service representatives are some of the best in the business and are on standby Monday to Friday from 9 am-5 pm EST to help answer any questions, from fitment to helping you choose the right bumper for your truck. Call or message us today!

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