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Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers Dodge Ram 1500

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With a hint of Vengeance and a touch of Premium, the Fab Fours Matrix Dodge Ram 1500 bumper is ready for pretty much anything. 

Features like an integrated light bar and built-in winch provisions are what make this series a favorite amongst our customers. 


Are Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers Universal?

Fab Fours Matrix bumpers for trucks are not universal. They are carefully built to fit your specific make and model.

Can I Order Custom Bumper Colors?

A bumper by Fab Fours Matrix for Ram 1500 is only available in black. This way, no matter the make or model, it is sure to look good.

How Much Do Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers Cost? 

Be prepared to spend about $2,000 for bumpers Unfortunately, there are no options for the rear, but a high-quality front bumper is sure to grab everyone's attention.

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