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Fab Fours Premium Dodge Ram 4500/5500

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With a name like “premium” you know you are getting a bumper series that is second to none. Fab Fours Premium Dodge Ram 4500/5500 models are made to look good and perform even better. 

Each one is made from quality materials such as ¼”-thick plate steel and welded by the best craftsmen in the industry, On top of that, they are made available in both front and rear versions.


Are Fab Fours Premium Bumpers Universal?

Bumpers by Fab Fours Premium for the Dodge Ram 4500/5500 are made for each specific make and morel, meaning they are not universal.

Can I Order Custom Bumper Colors?

Fab Fours bumpers for your truck are available in a black powder coat finish only. 

How Much Do Fab Fours Premium Bumpers Cost? 

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $850 to $3,500 for a new bumper. It is a small cost for all the features and added protection you receive. 

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