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The best truck bumpers are integral in any truck modification. As a car owner and a builder, you have a wide selection of bumpers to choose from. There are models for all sorts of styles, installation, features, and functions.

Read on and find out how you can upgrade your pickup truck with the best bumper in the market.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Truck Bumper

Whether it’s your first time buying a truck bumper or not, the market is saturated with hundreds of options. Which one is for you? Here are the following factors to consider when purchasing a truck bumper:

1. How will you use the vehicle?

The first factor to consider before buying a truck bumper is vehicle use. How are you planning to use your vehicle? Are you going to off-road locations and rough terrains? There are several off-road bumpers to choose from. The bumper type varies depending on what you need it to be. If you want to choose the right bumper for your truck, you must know how you’re going to use it first.

2. What are the mounting requirements?

Narrowing down the type of truck bumpers to buy is the first step. Now, you will most likely know the mounting requirements of this type of bumper. The mounting requirement will depend on the bumper type. If you purchase a truck bumper, the manufacturer will most likely send the package together with the necessary hardware and brackets. It is crucial to install the bumper with the right accessories if you want to make the most of its protection. Some bumpers, especially off-road models, require drilling and welding to ensure proper installation and increased durability.

3. What are the features to look for?

List down the features you'd want to have in your truck bumper. Depending on your need, you may require additional features such as rear winches, d-rings, push bars, grille protection, stinger bars, and others. Just keep in mind that not all activities require additional accessories for maximum performance. Some off-road accessories are not necessary. Only choose those that are beneficial to your truck. Besides that, you must make sure that your bumper is strong and durable to handle different accessories and provide protection to your truck.

4. Will it void your vehicle’s warranty?

Apparently, most truck owners are not aware that installing a bumper can void their vehicles’ warranty. This is not an issue for older vehicles with expired warranties, but it can be a problem for newly-bought trucks. Sometimes, manufacturers void the warranty of the truck upon learning that it has been used in off-road activities, especially if the vehicle is not designed for such. If you want to use your vehicle on off-roading trips, make sure to confirm this with your manufacturer first. Make sure that installing a bumper or bringing the vehicle to rough terrains will not void the warranty. Otherwise, you should reconsider if a loss of vehicle warranty is something you can deal with.

Features to Look for When Buying a Truck Bumper

Here are the following features to look for when buying the right bumper for your truck:

High-quality materials

Check the material of the bumper. Since most models are designed to give the truck an aggressive look, the majority are made of heavy steel and other hard materials. Lighter materials such as aluminum are also available. Rest assured that it can offer strong protection and be beneficial to the fuel economy. These materials don’t come cheap. Keep your budget in mind when browsing for potential bumpers to buy so you can narrow down your options.


The best truck bumpers offer more than just an aggressive look to your truck. If you want to explore off-road locations, it's a great installation to add some accessories. For instance, the best place to install winches is in the bumper. It must be located in a stable location and must be from the truck's profile.

Besides that, if you’re itching to add auxiliary lighting to your truck, best install a bumper first. Bumpers are designed with a location that can hold additional lighting.

Modular bumpers, on the other hand, are perfect for economists. It allows you to add and remove accessories anytime you want, without hassle. Configuring and upgrading your truck has never been easier with a bumper.


The function of a bumper matches its aggressive looks. It is designed to provide heavy-duty protection. That’s why most models are big and heavy-duty to deliver maximum performance. If you’re always on the go for off-road locations, these sturdy bumpers are a must-have.

As a car owner, you might be interested in grille protection as well. Fortunately, there are a number of manufacturers who offer grille protection with their truck bumpers. Some models feature wide-scope grille guards to provide protection from side to side. There are modest options as well that only provide center protection.

High-quality welding

The difference between a high-quality truck bumper and a poor-quality bumper is welding. If you buy a cheap truck bumper, you will most likely suffer from low-quality welds. Inferior welding couldn't take heavy impacts compared to heavy gauge steel bumpers. Hence, make sure that the welds of the bumper you're going to buy are of high-quality.

Made in the USA

If you want your truck bumper to last, it's crucial that it's been made and manufactured in the USA. Buying truck bumpers overseas may be cheaper than the local models, but you cannot guarantee the bumper’s durability. You may save a little, but the quality drop-off is too big to ignore. Instead of providing protection, it can even put you in danger, especially if you're planning to use it for off-roading activities afterward.

Manufacturer’s reputation

Lastly, you should also take a quick look at the manufacturer. As much as possible, only buy truck bumpers from manufacturers that have been in the business for years. They can guarantee high-quality bumpers for your truck. Besides that, they also offer assistance in installation and warranty for your purchase. The best manufacturer will help you get the most of your truck by installing a bumper. They can also help you in choosing the right model that will fit well with your truck. You can also look them up online and read reviews of their products. A truck bumper isn’t cheap and can be a costly investment. It’s only normal to choose the best for your truck.

7 Best Truck Bumpers

1. Steelcraft HD Front Bumper

Take a look at the Steelcraft HD Front Bumper for a more rugged-looking bumper that also lets you hold factory parking sensors and tow hooks. The bumper blends schedule 40 with diamond plate steel to produce permanent improvements from your OEM machine. The built-in 2-inch receiver hitch is suitable for the installation of accessories like cargos, bike racks, and even some snow plows.

Steelcraft HD Front Bumper

2. Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard

A hybrid bumper and grille guard are the last truck change for top-to-bottom front-end safety. The Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard Bumper, combines a grid guard and a 12-gauge steel bumper into one device, providing a buffer between your truck and any possibly dangerous hazards that might occur. Ranch Hand uses custom inserts to apply various grid designs to the extra mile.

Ranch Hand Summit Series Grille Guard

3. Steelcraft Elevation Front Bumper

Aftermarket trucks bumpers have to tick a lot of boxes to accommodate modern truck owners, and the Steelcraft Elevation Bumper fulfills much of those specifications. The bumper is constructed of six-size steel with a fabricated, matt-black powder coat. It is also designed to hold your OE fog lamps, tow hooks, license plate mounting systems, parking sensors, and front cameras. If you need additional illumination from the lane, most double-row LED light bars can be used on the elevation. Get all the protection you need with this fantastic Steelcraft bumper without losing any new truck features.

Steelcraft Elevation Front Bumper


4. Hammerhead Rear Bumper

Be sure that a Hammerhead Rear Bumper covers the rear of your vehicle as to the front end. This buffer is made of Mississippi and includes tag lights and reverse light cutouts and mounts for quick repair of tow cables, slashes, and other rescue gear. Hammerhead also provides corner moves to make it easier to reach the bed of your vehicle.


5. Steelcraft Fortis HD Front Bumper

Steelcraft has developed the Fortis HD Front Bumper for maximum impact protection and tightly adhering to the lorry's bodyside, resulting in a clever, heavy-duty bumper. Integrated D-ring mounts allow you to install rescue equipment in adhesive off-road conditions. The matt-black textured finish of the bumper is resistant to corrosion and suits many OEM truck attachments, including bed caps.

Steelcraft Fortis HD Front Bumper


6. Ranch Hand Legend Series Grille Guard Front Bumper

The Ranch Hand Legend Series was specially built for 3/4 and 1-ton trucks and sets the benchmark for truck bumpers in ranch style. This American-made bumper is made of diamond sheet steel and has 40 pipes, which guarantees plenty of front protection for your vehicle. A two-inch receiver is installed into the front of the bumper and is waiting for all components to be fitted to update your truck further.

Ranch Hand Legend Series Grille Guard Front Bumper


7. Iron Cross  Hardline Front Bumper with Push Bar

The Iron Cross  Hardline Front Bumper with Push Bar is proudly made in the United States and promises excellent damage resistance and much more. The buffer provides mounts for 4-inch round fog lamps and can be fitted with a winch so you can surmount challenging off-road obstacles. Dual-solder shackle mounts allow the bumper to be much more accessorized. Ten gauge steel means that the bumper can avoid penalty on and off the lane.


Iron Cross  Hardline Front Bumper with Push Bar



The best truck bumpers will bring your off-roading activity to the next level. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a hunter, or a truck owner, installing a bumper is one of your best, solid investments. Consider the above-mentioned factors to choose the right bumper for your truck.

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