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When someone rear-ended your truck, the bumper gets dented. And even a minor impact can leave a big dent because of the material used to make bumpers. In certain situations, you can patch a vehicle bumper. It must be substituted in other situations. Can truck bumpers be repaired or is it much better to be replaced? Read on here to know more!

A bumper can get dented or damaged many ways. You can hit a pole or someone can hit you back. However, if your bumper is scratched, it needs to be repaired. In certain instances, you can remove a dent and yet use your original bumper. The whole bumper should be replaced in other situations.

Signs that your bumper Needs to be Replaced not Repaired

Cracked Bumper

When the bumper on the vehicle is cracked, can truck bumpers be repaired? Well, it must usually be removed instead of fixed. There are a few exemptions to this as the restoration of a bumper may require epoxy and fiberglass. Yet most of the time, you want it replaced. The impact is severe and when the bumper is broken, it lacks structural integrity, so you don't have the same protection after a truck accident. If you don't have a vintage truck with a hard to replace bumper, you will ought to replace it where there are holes.

Damaged Paint

If your stomach has a lot of bruises or chipped paint, instead of fixing it, you may want to fix the bumper. When you crack or scrape your bumper, the bumper needs to be torn off to the ground. If the scratches are deep, a paste must be filled up to the surface. The bumper would then be repainted to reflect the same color of your vehicle. It might be a lot of effort. Based on the amount of bruises and their depth, painting a new bumper can be better rather than operating at night and resurfacing a broken bumper.

Weak or broken hooks

The last explanation for repairing a bumper instead of rehabilitating it is that the crochets on the bumper are bent or missing. Bumpers have hooks to hold them in the valance column, grill and splash guard. If the hooks are damaged or missing, the bumper may drop or vanish entirely. Unfortunately, it is not a choice to replace or restore hooks. When these hooks are finished, it is time for a new bumper to hold the bumper in place.

Why Upgrade to Aftermarket Truck Bumpers?

Upgrading the aftermarket truck bumper nowadays is a common modification. There are also recently designed and engineered aftermarket bumpers tailored to suit style, functionality, and budget. Replacement front bumper is considered one of your vehicle's most common upgrades you can make today. If you need a bumper for off-road travel or on a road with animal-prone roads (such as a deer) you need a beefier new front bumper than the factory one and something that can cover the front end.

It would not only make your truck harder, but also boost your pick-rugged up's look. As most of the truck bumpers are custom-designed for your product and model, they highlight the current curvature of your truck and add good looks to your system.

Benefits of Upgrading to Aftermarket Truck Bumper

It's a common shift

Upgrading from stock to a custom buffer is now a standard improvement. This means so much more analysis, checking and error have been tried out. Unlike some of the more uncommon mods, the market value will not hurt and you will not end up with junk products.

Manufacturers and installers have produced a wide variety of aftermarket bumpers. They're going to suit your theme, your features, not to mention your budget!

Improves truck’s durability and protection

For most people, 'truck' means 'durability.' But some of us live a little grosser than most - and we expect the same from our trucks!

This is why we have planned and built a variety of customized bumpers - from sporty to offensive. Your bumper should work just as you need to. That is why we have two packages that are exclusive and customizable.

These trucks may be used for off-road or ranch service. They are built to work, how you need them. They can survive harsh environments and a promise protects them.

You save a lot of money

Repairing your truck bumper caused by accidents is slightly expensive. It will cause you around $3000-$5000 depending on the damage. Some owners would prefer to upgrade to aftermarket truck bumpers because it is a worthy investment. You can buy an aftermarket truck bumper for around $1000-$2000, aside from that, you do not need to pay for installation because it can be easily installed. No need for drilling, and extra hands. 

Installation without distress (with the right company)

After buying the aftermath truck bumper from us, you can install it on your own. If you're busy! You don't have time to install the new aftermarket buffer in a box of parts and an assembly manual. That's where there's a team of pros, they can not only get the work done quicker - they can even fix problems for you.

In the long term, you save money because these bumpers are proven durable and reliable.


For the overall protection and value of your vehicle, upgrading to an aftermarket truck bumper is a good deal. Though truck bumpers can be repaired, you cannot guarantee that it is worth it. Aside from the fact that you save money, you are also confident that your truck is protected and with a bad-ass look! If you are still not convinced and wondering if truck bumpers can be repaired, leave us a message

Keep protected by getting your bumper fixed or replaced as needed when out and about on the lane!

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