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As a truck owner, you'll want a high-quality truck bumper that provides the best protection. Quality bumpers are necessary accessories since they shield the vehicle's body in the event of a collision or even from any other hazards that could be struck while on the lane.

You really want to get your goods and accessories from a reliable business that won't let you down. With Fab Fours Bumpers, you will never go wrong because they are the world's leading maker of truck & jeep bumpers and accessories. The company's massive production has been increasing over the years, and today, it is one of the world's leading aftermarket bumper producers. If you are driving a Chevy, Toyota, GMC, or Ford, there is a wide range of bumper items at your needs for Fab Fours Bumpers. 

What is Fab Fours? 

Fab Fours Inc. is the worlds leading bumper manufacturer that consistently pushes the boundaries of design and is dedicated to making quality products. They aim to manufacture products with the highest quality, delivered on time.

For off-roaders, Fab Four's bumper is a big trend because it increases the off-roading fun. It has emerged from an interest in trucks and an affinity for the outdoors. All Fab Fours products are made with leading-edge metal cutting equipment and done with pride by a family-owned workforce.

Fab Fours Bumper Series: 

Matrix Series

Fab Fours has incorporated the Premium Winch Bumper's best aspects and the Vengeance Series to offer you a slim fitting steel bumper. Here, you'll find a light bar, 4 cubes LED lights, and a 12,000-pound winch.

Vengeance Series

Vengeance series bumpers are engineered to be lightweight and smooth because they look nice. Integrate 20 inches LED light bar housing with mounting options on each side for (2) 3″x 3″ cube LEDs. The fit is superb both on and off the road and therefore provides optimal aerodynamics. The truck safety can be offered in safeguard options.

Black Steel 

When buying truck bumpers, you should pay particular attention to Fab Fours, the best in design. Legit Fours Black Steel block-mounted bumper constructed from high-quality material and made to be sturdy, functioning properly, and having great appeal. Stop thinking about a completely factory boring truck and start thinking about standing out with a Black Steel front bumper.

Black Steel Elite

Ideas and concepts have been floating around the minds of designers for a really long time. People always have been asking for an upgraded look in bumpers, and designer, Fab Fours, has successfully created a topping on an original member of their premium bumper series. Premium powder-coated bumpers look good on the truck. All Bumper Fab Fours' models feature all-around bumpers. The Black Steel ELITE series is a new high-quality version of Fab Fours and is available in either full grill guard or pre-runner grill guard.

Red Steel

As a well-known leader in the replacement bumpers industry, Fab Fours offers you many options for all your on-road and off-road needs from aftermarket bumpers. Many people decide to purchase Fab Four new front bumpers that they liked when they belonged to other companies. They can now be bought on trucks from Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and GMC models, as well as trendy models from Toyota trucks.

In terms of innovation and design, you will find the new Red Steel front bumpers to be very fashionable while at the same time, very tough and aggressive-looking yet functional. You will like the Red Steel front bumpers' stylish looks that are hand-made based on the original model design that helps your truck line up perfectly with the Fab Four front bumpers. 

With the monster tires and the Red Steel front bumpers in place, you would be alright because those tires will bear the brunt of the vehicle's movement.


Fab Fours produce the worlds leading bumper and have an eye on new design and concepts. They obviously did not end there. Every Fab Fours Premium bumper is designed with successful use in mind. We don't want to joke at other camper trailer companies, but Fab Fours does it the right way. They are always at their best. The modularity of the frame has led to one small issue. 

Fab Fours Top Products

Fab Fours Truck Bumpers for Chevy



Chevrolet is one of the best pickup trucks in the United States when riding the roads. Fab Fours Truck Bumpers will not only protect you and your Chevrolet from any unforeseen damages, but they will also enhance the classy look of your Chevrolet.

If you are planning to improve your truck bumpers, then go for Fab Fours Truck Bumpers. The Chevy truck comes with an adjustable bumper assembly that allows you to have a custom look. Fab Fours Truck Bumpers include Fab Fours Fog Lights, Fab Fours Taillights, and wiring.

Fab Fours Truck Bumpers for Dodge




If you need a vehicle that will look nice and sound stylish, you can go with Fab Fours Truck Bumper. You don't have to worry about whether your truck will fit the hitch because it has a unique 2-piece design that helps adjust it just right. Fab Four Truck Bumpers are made from 3/16” steel sheets.

Fab Fours Truck Bumpers for Ford






It is well known that Ford has been around for a while. Most people would have associated the brand's success with its ease of operation compared to others. Fab Four Bumpers respects customer relationships and provides bumpers that meet the truck requirement. AB Four Truck Bumpers for Ford will provide an attractive look and protection to Ford trucks and improve their performance.

Truck bumpers made from steel are very strong and durable. Black Powder Coating and Bare Steel finishing are important methods to maintain them.

Looking for the best aftermarket bumpers? Check out our Fab Fours collection here!

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