Steelcraft HD12280RC 2019-2024 Ram 2500/3500 HD Replacement Front Bumper

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21 reviews
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Brand: Steelcraft bumpers

Style: Steelcraft Front Bumper HD Replacement

Vehicle Fit: 2019-2024 Ram 2500/3500

Steel Material: Diamond Plate & Schedule 40 Pipe

Finish: Black Powder Coat

Fitment Notes: Power Wagon must remove winch and winch tray brackets (if equipped)

Steelcraft HD HD12280RC

Trucks can serve a variety of purposes. For some, it may only be used as a way to get from point A to B. For others, it serves as a cacoon from the outside world. Most importantly, a truck can bring you to places you could have never thought possible in a regular car.

Getting a few dings and scratches are part of everyday life when you work in hard environments. Why not give your 2019-2020 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 every possible chance to stand tall against any incoming debris?

Ultimate Protection

Stock bumpers offer minimal protection. Bumpers on new trucks are there as a style piece and don’t offer much in terms of defense. Steelcraft went completely against that and created the HD Replacement series to help keep your front end safe from anything that it may be faced with. Even the headlights and upper grille have a fighting chance of surviving out in the bush thanks to its design.

Incredible Build Quality

What good is a bumper that can protect you when the going gets tough? Durable diamond plate steel and schedule 40 piping is used throughout the HD Replacement’s construction. Couple that with a built-in bull bar and we guarantee that no incoming objects are going to stop your 2019-2020 Dodge Ram 2500-3500 from going where it needs to.

Best Warranty In The Business

Steelcraft is so sure in their products, that they offer a 2-year warranty with every bumper sold. That is twice as long as any other competitors. If anything happens to your HD Replacement, even after a couple of years, the company will gladly replace it for you.

Durable Finish

Having a durable finish should be a requirement of aftermarket truck bumpers. Unlike regular vehicles, trucks are made to take a beating. The reason you put on an aftermarket bumper is for extra protection. Your brand new bumper shouldn’t rust and flake off after a few days. To stop this from happening, each HD replacement has an extra thick powder-coated finish for extreme protection.


  • Keep your OE tow hooks
  • Convenient front receiver hitch
  • E-coated and powder coated black to ensure quality performance
  • Accommodates parking sensors
  • Removable grille panel for emblem parking camera
  • Provides relocation of all variations of factory fog lights
  • Supports Adaptive Cruise Control (will replace driverside tow hook)





Steelcraft bumpers are well-packaged and come with comprehensive installation instructions and mounting kits. Due to their weight, these bumpers are shipped via LTL freight to make sure they arrive safely. You're right, these bumpers can be pretty heavy, so you might want to grab a couple of cold beers and invite a buddy over to give you a hand. That way, you can avoid any damage to your truck or the bumper. But don't worry, all bumpers include a no-drill bolt-on mounting kit, which makes the installation process a piece of cake. So, go ahead and enjoy customizing your truck with confidence!

Download installation PDF


Steelcraft Manufacturer Warranty

As an authorized dealer of Steelcraft bumpers, we want you to be completely confident in your investment. Steelcraft offers an impressive warranty that genuinely reflects the company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Here's why the Steelcraft warranty is perfect for you:

  • Strong Commitment: Steelcraft's limited lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of their bumpers demonstrates their unwavering belief in the strength and durability of their products. This warranty offers you peace of mind, knowing that you're investing in a reliable, long-lasting bumper.
  • Preserved Appearance: With a 1-year warranty on the finish, including powder coating and e-coating, Steelcraft ensures that your bumper will maintain its attractive appearance. This level of protection guarantees that your vehicle's aesthetics will remain intact, even in the face of various weather conditions and daily use.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The warranty covers defects in materials, workmanship, and finish under normal use, safeguarding you from potential manufacturing-related issues. This comprehensive protection means you can trust that your bumper will perform as expected.
  • Focused on the Customer: Steelcraft's warranty is designed for the original purchaser, ensuring that you, as their valued customer, are the primary beneficiary of their exceptional warranty coverage.
  • Effective Replacement Policy: In the rare event of a valid warranty claim, Steelcraft promises to replace or repair the defective product at their discretion. This policy demonstrates their dedication to meeting customers' needs and ensuring satisfaction with their products.
  • Straightforward Claims Process: Steelcraft appreciates the value of your time and has implemented a no-hassle claim process. This streamlined approach allows you to enjoy your Steelcraft bumper without any unnecessary delays or complications.

In summary, Steelcraft's warranty on their bumpers is both comprehensive and customer-centric. By choosing a Steelcraft bumper, you can be confident that your investment is protected by a reliable warranty from a reputable manufacturer.


Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a U.S. law from 1975 that protects truck owners like you! It ensures that vehicle manufacturers can't deny warranty coverage just because you've added aftermarket parts. With this law, you can confidently customize your truck without losing your warranty.

So go ahead, explore our fantastic selection of bumpers, and give your truck the upgrade it deserves!


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Levi Orrell
Front bumper replacement

The installation was easy. Probably needed 3 guys to navigate the bumper into place but figured it out with the help of a floor jack.
My only complaint was that there were a couple significant scratches on the unit. It’s a work truck so I can take care of the imperfections with a little touch up paint. Not that big of a deal.

Chris Madgar

Excellent service

Spencer Williamson
Ram 3500

Service was great price was great. My bumper just took a beating in transit. It was going on a work truck so no big deal but could see where someone would have issue with receiving a bumper in the issue I received mine

Jake Cisewski
Great bumper

Easy install, very heavy duty and looks great. Great customer service as well

Austin Ward

Awesome bumper mounts really well highly recommend

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