Hammerhead Front Bumpers

Hammerhead Has A Rich History

When it comes to experience the folks at Hammerhead have been in the aftermarket bumper industry for many years. Hammerhead got its start in the year 2008 by a group of employees that worked for the renowned Hol-Mac corporation. If you didn't already know Hol-Mac is one of the best heavy equipment manufactures in the nation. Those employees who are also off-road enthusiasts got inspired by the strength of Hol-Mac's steel and decided to open their very own aftermarket bumper company. Hammerhead has now blossomed into a very successful business thanks to their hard work and determination. The companies founders have two main principals they always follow. Their main principle is to build high-quality aftermarket bumpers that are field tested in the harshest environments. Second, they believe in their country and each bumper that they produce is designed in America and built by American craftsmen.

Why Choose Hammerhead?

As you have learned above Hammerhead has been making high-quality aftermarket bumpers for more than a decade. There are many reasons why you should choose Hammerhead if you are looking for a durable aftermarket bumper that will stand up to the test of time. Below are just a few of the reasons this company has become so popular.

  • Custom Made Bumpers - Hammerhead does not keep a large stock of bumpers on hand and for good reason. Each aftermarket bumper that Hammerhead produces is custom made for the customer. This means that you will get a bumper that perfectly fits your truck every time. While you will have to wait for your bumper to be made the wait is well worth it! Since each bumper is custom made there will be no need for welding, drilling, or cutting. Simply take off your current bumper and bolt your new Hammerhead into place!
  • Made In America - If you love your country you will be happy to find that all of Hammerhead's products are made right here at home. Each Hammerhead bumper is made at their manufacturing facility in Bay Springs, Mississippi.
  • Quality You Can Trust - When it comes to quality you won't find a better aftermarket bumper than a Hammerhead. So if you are looking for a super strong and highly durable aftermarket bumper for your Dodge Ram, Ford Super Duty or Chevy Silverado, Hammerhead has you covered.
  • A Large Selection - Hammerhead has many different styles of bumpers. Some of the bumpers they offer include a pre-runner guard and a full grille guard. Some low profile bumpers come without any guard. The sky really is the limit when it comes to bumper options.

Hammerhead Series of Bumpers

Below you will find more information on two of Hammerhead's most popular bumper series. Each of these series offers something unique.

Low Profile Series

If you are looking for a more sleek design, then you will probably love the Low Profile Series. These bumpers fit right in with your truck while still providing you with plenty of protection. Made from 3/16 inch plate steel that has a 2-stage black powder coated finish, the Low Profile Series will last you for many years to come. Just like every bumper that Hammerhead produces, the Low Profile Series comes with different options. Some of these bumpers come with a pre-runner while others have no brush guard at all.


When it comes to strength and versatility Hammerhead X-S Series bumpers are built to last. Made for 3/16 inch plate steel with a 2-stage black powder coat finish the X-S Series can take a licking and keep on going strong! The X-S Series comes with different options that include winch-ready capability and a full brush guard. These bumpers are custom made to fit just about any truck including the Dodge Ram, Ford Super Duty, or Chevy Silverado.

BumperStock Is Your Home For Hammerhead

If you are looking for a Hammerhead aftermarket bumper we have you covered. As an authorized Hammerhead dealer we can help you find a bumper that is just right for your truck. Since we have direct access to Hammerhead products, we can save you money! We cut out the middle man which allows you to keep more money in your pocket.


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